Chapel Porth

We spent the weekend in Cornwall, went to Chapel Porth beach on Friday. It was wet, but that had not put the tourists off.

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And I managed to put the land rover in the garage by taking the hood and sticks off.

Crazy cat

He’s taken to attacking his tail. 

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And you thought I was going to follow that with the word ‘vehicle’ didn’t you? Well I put up two kitchen cupboards, which we were kindly donated, in our utility room.



Today Hannah and I spent the day in the garden, we put down stones at the base of the wall. Dug one potato plant up because all the flowers where gone. We had a number of potatoes out of that plant. Put up battens in the utility room for two kitchen cabinets that I will put up as soon as I have the proper fixings.

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 Saw that cricket on our back door. Hannah spotted it, so thought I’d get a picture. It was about 15mm or so long in the body.


Last week I spent the entire week working i Stockholm. I enjoyed it and got to go into the city one evening. It also happened to be the best week of weather they have had this summer.



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 And back to rainy England!

Tungsten Inert Gas

I did my first TIG welding on Saturday, I welded some of the joints the door bottoms that I felt could do with sticking together. I don’t think I did too badly for my first attempt, though it’s not like it was aluminium but it was is pretty thin steel all the same. Honestly? Yes I did melt some big holes..

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 I popped down to Portsmouth to bring my new ladders back. The soft top did flap a little coming back up the motor way.


White Paint

Finished putting the last coat of white paint onto the fourth wheel. With that done and being aware that the paint tin lid was no longer sealing, I chose to try to use up the last of the paint on the land rover. I now have  white bumper and a variety of other white patches which hopefully will not rust!

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Wasp drinking

Went to the pub this afternoon, a wasp kept bothering us, so I offered it a drink. He had a little and went on his merry way!

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Billing Land Rover Festival, in Northampton, some pictures. I saw a lightweight there with a 2.5L and an SU and straight through exhaust from Automotive Comp.

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