Bumper Sticker

Today Hannah and I saw a van with a pretty neat sticker on the back door, just simple text and it read:

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Minor Issues

So today noticed a bit of oil on the ground under where I usually park the Land Rover.

So then I had a look underneath, and found that there is a very clean patch of aluminium on the gearbox/transfer case.

Then I assessed the amount of oil, the rate at which it drips, I did not even see half a drip form in an hour, so that’s fine. It’s just the Land Rover marking it’s parking space.

I did notice that the tyres are pretty cut up, I imagine form all flint;

And that there is a rather a lot of sharp nasty mud and flint shards all over the upper surfaces of the underside.

I was finished up having tinkered a little, so I went to put the Land Rover back against the door, I normally roll it out, then have to drive it back up the slope. I thought I’d check that the isolator was working, so I started it without the isolator engaged, it started perfectly. I decided that the isolator must be at fault, so I fiddled with it trying to get it to disengage, nothing would work. I moved the Land Rover forward and got my tools out again, I removed the isolator and checked both wires were not touching and tried the keys again, sure enough the dash lights all come on! Now I was confused, surely with no negative cable connection there can be no power in the land rover? Well, that’s true. So there must be another path for the electricity to take. Then I remembered that the seat box cover sometimes touched the negative terminal on the batter. I have now insulated the terminal and the battery box cover, now the isolator works as I expect it to!

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Google assistant

So Google assistant made this for me out of all the videos  and pictures I took today.

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Salisbury Plain Green Laning

I went to Salisbury Plain today to do a bit of green laning. No particular reason, except that it is close enough to make the trip in an afternoon. I went around the Bulford range and found some great lanes.

20150726_140823.jpg 20150726_140743.jpg 20150726_142825.jpg 20150726_144418.jpg 20150726_145502.jpg 20150726_151808.jpg 20150726_151413.jpg 20150726_151829.jpg 20150726_124155.jpg

This is four green lane videos at 4x speed..

GPO Post Office

I was given some old post office manuals the other day by one of Hannah’s relatives. One of the manuals is a catalogue of all of the tools that they had at that time. Here are just a few;

2015-07-25 19.15.45.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.05.38.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.05.57.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.11.24.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.11.38.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.12.07.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.12.19.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.04.54.jpg 2015-07-25 19.04.37.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.05.09.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.07.31.jpg

 2015-07-25 19.07.43.jpg

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New doors

After finding that door catches where not attached by as much metal as they should be. I thought I’d get myself some new door bottoms. I have skinned them, removed the aluminium skins, so that I can get the frames shot blasted and then galvanized.

20150717_185130.jpg 20150717_185157.jpg 20150717_185237.jpg 20150717_185245.jpg 20150717_185259.jpg 20150717_193852.jpg 20150717_193927.jpg 20150717_193934.jpg 20150717_193940.jpg 20150717_194001.jpg 20150717_194020.jpg 20150717_194138.jpg 20150717_195611.jpg 20150717_195626.jpg 20150717_200938.jpg 20150717_201209.jpg

 I might weld some of those joints whilst I’m at it.

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4 white wheels

The land rover now has 4 white wheels, one is remaining to be painted, that is the spare. I continued to waxoil the chassis. I glued the dual power outlets to the underside of the dash using two pack epoxy glue.  Sorry about the blury image, it was the only picture I  took and now it’s raining.


Tonight I fitted the new battery isolator.

20150713_201549.jpg 20150713_200310.jpg

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Lot of small things

Last weekend Hannah was at Hampton Court Flower show where I took this picture.


 During the week I went to Lyon in France to check out an item of plant that a client at work has purchased. It was 39degC, luckly we were only there for 24 hours or so.

I purchased a new battery isolator from good ol’ ebay, it turned up, I have yet to fit it.


 The plants are growing fast. Having talked with dad I think I will dig up the potatoes in late August.

20150708_174729.jpg 20150708_174718.jpg

 This evening I cleaned and checked over the old school rotary dial phone. We plugged it in, it works to receive calls, but because it probably uses loop disconnect dialing to send the signal to the exchange, it no longer works to dial out.

20150710_211023.jpg 20150710_191357.jpg 20150710_191044.jpg

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Gorrick Forest Path

Mainly today I’ve tinkered with the Land Rover, a bit of Waxoil applied and the fan once again works on the switch.

20150704_122450.jpg 20150704_122438.jpg 20150704_162106.jpg 20150704_162733.jpg

This video was run through Microsoft Hyperlapse so it appears 8x faster than I was driving,

FOS videos

This video was produced at Google’s assistant thingy;

And some other videos;