Goodwood FOS

We went to the Festival Of Speed today, it was awesome, however really more than one day is required to see it all. We hope to go for a whole weekend next time.

20150628_180504.jpg 20150628_171653.jpg 20150628_165329.jpg 20150628_144556.jpg 20150628_143137.jpg 20150628_141215.jpg 20150628_141110.jpg 20150628_140007.jpg 20150628_134818.jpg 20150628_131706.jpg 20150628_131451.jpg 20150628_131147.jpg 20150628_130735.jpg 20150628_130307.jpg 20150628_130104.jpg 20150628_124553.jpg 20150628_124223.jpg 20150628_124155.jpg 20150628_123921.jpg 20150628_122007.jpg 20150628_112911.jpg 20150628_111605.jpg 20150628_111209.jpg 20150628_105814.jpg

 There were bikes there too, but I obviously failed to get any pictures of them.

I did get some videos of loads of stuff which i shall put up here as soon as i have found time to edit the junk.

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One down

I have now completed one wheel, painted with two coats of red-oxide primer and two more of white Hammerite.


 I put that wheel on the near side rear of the land rover, which turns out is the wrong side because the tires are directional. I have now started the next wheel.

20150627_202841.jpg 20150627_174934.jpg

 The tomato plants that Martin kindly gave us are doing ok, but for have a few green fly which we’re tackling with soapy water.


 I got a great picture of Tigger looking just livid.



Last weekend we hosted a family get together for fathers day and Hannah’s birthday. We had a lovely day, Martin brought his pressure washer up so that we could clean the patio slabs.


Hannah and I went into London for her birthday.

20150623_201850.jpg 20150623_201703.jpg 20150623_201533.jpg 20150623_175521.jpg 20150623_173746.jpg 20150623_142158.jpg 20150623_142153.jpg 20150623_140713.jpg

We went up The Shard, the tallest ‘building’ in the European Union, which really isn’t very tall at a mear 309.6 m (The CN tower’s observation deck is at 342 m, the tower goes on to be 553 m high and then there is the 828 m tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai), we went up the top floor, being the 72nd floor which is 244.3 m up. It was a pretty stunning view from up there.

20150623_152923.jpg 20150623_152813.jpg 20150623_152259.jpg 20150623_151610.jpg 20150623_150748.jpg 20150623_150406.jpg 20150623_150342.jpg 20150623_150222.jpg 20150623_150156.jpg 20150623_145648.jpg 20150623_145530.jpg

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Dunsfold Collection

Yesterday Alan, his son James, Dave, Hannah and I went to see the Dunsfold Collection show. It was good fun, the weather was lovely and the land rovers were pretty cool, some rare beasts there.

20150613_135113.jpg 20150613_130710.jpg 20150613_124820.jpg 20150613_120209.jpg 20150613_115643.jpg 20150613_115630.jpg 20150613_113400.jpg 20150613_102054.jpg

Here is the Google Plus Album link to all the pictures.

Bees and red ox.

Today I mowed the grass and spotted a ground bees nest. I got a load of pictures of the bees coming and going, but honestly one you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

20150607_111338-1.jpg 20150607_103034.jpg

I also choose to paint the rim of one of my land rover weller 8 spoke wheels this afternoon.


Land Rover back to Bracknell

Today I drove the Land Rover back up to Bracknell via Salisbury plain. Alan kitted me out with tools and loads of gear, such that no matter what became me on the trip, I would not need to use my AA cover. I glad though that I didn’t need it or the tools.

20150606_174334.jpg 20150606_175315.jpg 20150606_175326.jpg 20150606_200044.jpg 20150606_200223.jpg 20150606_132013.jpg 20150606_165956.jpg 20150606_165751.jpg

Cruising at what appears to be 40 mph and 2500 rpm, in reality thats closer to 60 mph.

Salisbury Plain

Clay shoot

Alan, Dave and I went clay pigeon shooting this morning.

20150606_113608.jpg 20150606_114633.jpg 20150606_113520.jpg

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Arduino output working

Today I got my Arduino and relays working, just on a tutorial code for which I can take no credit. Credit belongs here:

And the proof is here;