The weekend before last we went to Cambridge for Hannah’s friends wedding, we visited the Winpole Estate, a national trust property.

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Yesterday I had some help in the garden, thanks Martin.

Today is looking lovely, hopefully the rain will help the plants grow.



I planted some plants in the garden that dad have me; they’re doing well.

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Arduino expansion board

Today I completed the expansion board to give me 16 inputs and also 16 outputs but using only 6 IO on the Arduino.

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Tinkering weekend

Been trying to solder components onto the PCB board. Tried at first with no flux, as I didn’t have any. It doesn’t work so well work no flux. So I purchased some from screwfix yesterday and now the job is a doddle.

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 Today I put all the ProRox insulation info the new wall frame.


 When we were at Jewsons getting the stuff, I noticed the building wasn’t in such good shape anymore.


Circuit Board drilling

I drilled all the holes into the PCB board last night, using a regular sized cordless drill and my tiny drill bits. I held both items, one in each hand and was able to drill all the holes without much trouble.



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Spring was ‘ere

At lunch time yesterday I went for a walk to the river and saw a Cockchafer.

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Weekend away

Had a lovely weekend away, we took a weekend for ourselves and did just what ever took our fancy. Also stopped in at Kwikfit, to get the exhaust re-hung on some new exhaust mounts. Four new mounts and fitting only came to £35. I was pretty pleased with that.

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Wind farm, oil rig and Concord

While flying over the north sea I saw a large wind farm and an oil rig. My phone camera could hardly see them.

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Also saw a Concord.

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RC helicopters

This weekend I have been going through the many helicopters that I was given.

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 Also I’m off to Sweden to use this 3D scanner to survey a mine plant.

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