Cat returned

Tigger returned to us on Tuesday morning at 4am. Meow, hopped on the bed with big muddy paws, woke us both up. We’re thrilled to have him back. I also lost my wallet and got it returned to me all in the space of a day. I didn’t even think it was lost until the Police called to let me know that it had been found by a local person on our road.

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Missing cat

Tigger has gone missing. He went out Wednesday night and had not yet returned. We’ve tried to let everybody know using the Internet and posting notices through doors in our vancinty.

We  went out for a quick spin in the Volvo today. 

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New weller 8 spoke

Spent ages looking for a second hand weller 8 spoke of the right size. Failed. So for £34 I got one from paddocks delivery paid.


 I shall get my new the put on that rim and it’ll be the best part of my land rover for a time.

Also got a bit knife delivered the other day, it enables one to spread hard butter into soft bread. It was a kick starter project that I bought into.

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Sweden for work

I travelled to Sweden on Sunday and returned yesterday. I travelled through Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, stayed the night there, then on Monday travelled on to Kiruna which is close to the LKAB Mine site, in Svapavaara, that we visited. The weather was fair, it was below zero but above -10 all the time we were there. We stayed in Camp Ripan and managed to see the Northern lights.


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Craig took pictures with his camera as my phone wouldn’t pick up anything.

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Social visit to Cornwall

Last weekend we visited Ian in Cardiff then on Saturday I travelled on to Cornwall, stayed one night then back home via Cardiff.

Here is my location history ;

2015-03-03 18.36.33.png

In Cornwall a few of us visited a mine shaft, tossed a few rocks down. About 4 seconds to the water. So given that 0.5 x gravity x time squared, it’s about 76m deep.


 And also talked about putting an electric speedo onto the land rover to run via the Arduino.

Testing it on the lath;