I went to my second paragliding lesson yesterday. I only got one picture and I am the one taking it.


┬áIt’s at the Green Dragons in Surry, Waldingham.

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New alternator on Volvo

The Volvo 340 has had a flashing battery light, on and off, excuse the pun, for some time now. I have no idea why it is happening though I did on a forum that the carbon bushes in the alternator do have a tendency to wear. So I got another alternator and fitted it today. I will give the car a run later to see if this solves the issue.

IMG_9150.JPG IMG_9149.JPG IMG_9147.JPG IMG_9145.JPG IMG_9146.JPG IMG_9144.JPG IMG_9143.JPG IMG_9141.JPG IMG_9142.JPG

Renault disks and pads

Fitted new front disks and pads to the Renault Megane on Saturday. Turned out to be an easy job.

20150214_150946.jpg 20150214_150957.jpg 20150214_151331.jpg 20150214_151650.jpg

The volvo was returned to pride of place the garage later.


And still later we put up a book shelf in the office room.


Higher ratio transfer box

Spent the weekend swapping out my low range transfer box for a slightly higher ratio one. Dave lent a hand. We dropped the transfer box out, swapped the center diff for my dog clutch arrangement for Ash Croft. Then refitted the new transfer box. In all it took about 8 hours. Here are a few pictures from the earlier part of the process.

20150207_172627.jpg 20150207_172611.jpg 20150207_171642.jpg 20150207_171634.jpg 20150207_170538.jpg 20150207_170530.jpg 20150207_165404.jpg 20150207_165340.jpg 20150207_165319.jpg 20150207_165257.jpg 20150207_165232.jpg 20150207_165219.jpg 20150207_165142.jpg 20150207_165008.jpg 20150207_164931.jpg 20150207_155517.jpg 20150207_154121.jpg 20150207_154103.jpg 20150207_154051.jpg 20150207_121036.jpg 20150207_121016.jpg 20150207_114849.jpg 20150207_114828.jpg

Snowing again

2015-02-05 07.58.27.jpg

This morning on the way into work it started to snow, I think it’s going to stop again soon through, not that it would be too much as fun as we’re in the Renault today. Dave sent me a great picture of Alan’s place yesterday;


A week – all sorts


The street light over the back.

A balloon. Those balloons lasted for two weeks, we put holes in them.

A toy car rental found going through our stuff on Saturday.

An old ten pence piece.


Fixed up the helicopter skids.

Out walking Sunday morning, no body around.

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