I have been spending some of my free time modelling the Genius FP in Inventor, a cad software package that I have access to at work. This link is to the PDF of the model, now I believe that if you have a PDF reader, ideally the Adobe one, that ti should open this file and you should be able to view it in 3D.. GeniusFP
On Saturday there was a mud bogging event at Chelmsford, which is a community just outside of Sudbury, about a 15min drive away. Mud Bogging is a basically a drag race through a water/mud filled trench against both the clock and your opponent in the other lane. There were a number of classes, standard, which are just trucks, some with bigger wheels and more powerful engines, others looked like somebody’s mum was going to pretty cross that they’d had her car, because she has to drive it to work on Monday! Then the modified class, which meant that the truck was not road worthy and specifically built for the task at hand. also there were 4 wheelers (ATV, quad in English), but I didn’t see them go.. It rained, hard, so i left at about 3pm. I found this wasp, building her nest in Troy’s shed, I asked if I […]
This morning I went looking for somewhere big and open to fly the helicopters. Having been exploring south of Sudbury last summer I remembered a quarry I had seen down that way. It proved to be a great spot to fly, very quiet, devoid of tall objects to crash into and set in the bottom of a valley. Perfect. I was able to fly fast and high without too many worries. View Larger Map The first flight went well, with the Genius, then I flew the V120D02s, I flew some very fast lengths of the open area, did some turns and was able to bring the helicopter back fairly confidently. Until I eventually did a turn close to the ground and touched the ground, with the helicopter rolled over at 45deg, one of the rotor blades detached from the head and went somersaulting through the air, landing a few meters […]
So without Hannah around we (Tigger and I) have not been getting up to too much. We’ve mainly just been hangin’ out at the flat, We’ve been watching the tele, relaxing and drinking beer. At one stage I was trying to model my helicopter canopy, as per the picture, I was going to take many photo’s and use them to produce a mesh, but Tigger was fooling around getting in the pictures, so I gave up.   I think we both need her here to keep us inline, especially Tigger, he’s a bad influence on me I think. As you can see! Always wanting to do nothing.. I don’t know,, He’s so lazy!