I am here alone now, Hannah is in the UK so I have been flying my helicopters a lot. I flew them both last night. Today Tigger returned to his home, having been on vacation with one of Hannah’s friends. He arrived back at lunch time, I tried to settle him in a little, but had to return to work. When I got home he was particularly affectionate. Later I took my helicopters out and had great fun, but on my second flight of the Genius I crashed, in fairly spectacular fashion. It was a little windy, so I had initially flown carefully, but having flown the V120 successfully I guess I was a little over confident, and brought the helicopter down from high up, maybe 20ft, in a swoop, with reduced power to try to combat the wind which was giving me too much lift. Down it came, into […]
This the executive summary version of our visit: We left Sudbury in the rain on Friday 10th May morning at 7am, by the time the train got delayed for two hours on the way from Toronto. We really enjoyed the leisurely trip, stopping in at Winnipeg for a bus tour around the city and arriving in Edmonton at 7am on Sunday 12th morning. We spent the best part of the day at the West Edmonton Mall, where we watched the sea lion show and I fired a 9mm hand gun. We caught the Grey Hound (coach) to Calgary in the evening. We stayed at an apartment down town rented by my work for us, didn’t do too much, I worked, Hannah visited the Chinook Mall with an acquaintance and later on in the week the Zoo. Friday we left for Penticton BC, making it as far as Canmore before we […]
This weekend has been hot, a barmy 27°C, we went to the ‘Midway’ in Hanmer on Saturday evening with Troy, Katie, Curtis and Mckenzie, it was great fun, we went on all of the big rides, too much fun to take many photos. 1st and 2nd – Troy and I on the Cannon Ball, the 3rd picture is of Curtis and I on Alien Abduction ride, which spins and pins the rider to the walls and lastly Hannah and I on the Big Wheel. Sunday we went to Windy Lake for no particular reason, other than it was a beautiful day. Upon arrival at the lake shore we came across the fire that we had back on Saturday 5th January in the snow. Blog entry. Then we saw that there was ice being blown into the shoreline by the wind.   The water was very cold. Almost freezing! We stayed for a while, I flew […]
This evening we went out for a walk at Lake Laurentian, we walked up a very steep path to where there is a look out point, we had no idea it was there, until we got there, the views were lovely. Once we’d been for our walk, I flew my helicopters, took them both and flew them both in the empty carpark. I had great fun, Hannah managed to get a few pictures: Then the mozzies started to come out, we only saw one, and I killed it. So we got out of there, and got that last picture of the sun setting. Hannah spotted a couple of rabbits, now almost all brown, but for their rear ends, which were still white. Very long back legs, longer than I remember a UK rabbit to have. Seemed very hare like to me, but small like a rabbit.