Various Updates

Well, I have some photos relating to previous posts.

A photo of us in various poses on top of Mt. Ramsey

Link to a very big version (19456 pixels wide) of the above image..

Link to the same size image as above..

This is a stone man that i reconstructed, but the wind blew it over as soon as we started to leave.. true story.


And tonight I did the other light thing for colleague at work, and this time I remembered to do before and after photos.

GEDC5285 (1280x852).jpgGEDC5290 (1280x856).jpg

And also, there was a challenge by one of Hannah’s friends to design a logo, I did loads of sketches on a piece of paper, which Tigger took a liking to:

IMG_3400 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3405 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3401 (1280x960).jpg

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Lake Laurentian

Today we went for a walk through the Lake Laurentian reserve. Hannah chose to wear a pair of very impractical shoes (although comfortable), so at one stage when we were skirting around a muddy wet patch on the path Hannah spotted a snake! (mainly because she stood right next to it!) It was only a Garter snake. We also saw many birds and a chipmunk in a bird feeder. It was a lovely walk… the pictures tell the story better than I can:

IMG_3349 (960x1280).jpgIMG_3353 (960x1280).jpgIMG_3354 (960x1280).jpgIMG_3356 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3363 (960x1280).jpgIMG_3388 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3391 (960x1280).jpgIMG_3393 (960x1280).jpgIMG_3396 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3370 (1280x960).jpg

The last picture is of a broken beaver dam which explains why the floating bridge in picture #5 does not start or end at the right level! Hannah spotted the caterpillar in the car park.

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Powassan Syrup Festival

I gave it away in the title! We went to Powassan Syrup Festival today, we left home at 8am as we had to get there early. Someone called Rick Mercer was going to be there. Hannah wanted to see him because she had seen him on television and liked him. He is Canadian and has been on a number of shows and has one at the moment called ‘The Rick Mercer Report’ which is informative but also funny. It was very good of him to come to such a small event. We saw all kinds of events there, Lumber Jack Challenge was there, a guy from Sudbury was part of it, ate beaver tails with maple syrup on them, saw tractors, both new and old, had a ride on a proper school bus, a yellow American one..!! Then dropped back via Lake Nipissing, which still has ice on it, but only a little, the shore line was all water, the pictures don’t show the ice at all, but it was there.

GEDC5244 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5245 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5251 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5255 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5257 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5263 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5264 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5268 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5269 (853x1280).jpgGEDC5270 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5271 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5273 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5279 (853x1280).jpgGEDC5282 (1280x853).jpg


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Tigger and solder

I had a request to help a colleague make a 12V LED lamp work on his 6V motor cycle electrical system. I accepted with glee, and went about trying to deduce how it could be done mathematically. Its was wired like this:

When I got home I just found some batteries, wired them up and saw what worked and what didn’t, then just wired them up that way, used my soldering iron for the second time… Like this, the red is the live to feed the second parallel lights and the green to ground out the first two lights.

And it works well, for long it work well is yet to be seen, as I worry that the 2 LEDs and resistor are seeing too much voltage. the three LEDs are probably not seeing quite enough. Here are a couple of the pictures of the thing itself:

GEDC5237 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5235 (1280x852).jpg

I used wire pinched from some old Christmas tree lights, hence the green insulation. Recycling for you.

Also Tigger has taken to rolling about on the floor, and this time I managed to get a good picture of him:

GEDC5241 (853x1280).jpg

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Stripped teeth

Last night we didn’t do too much, I flew my Genius helicopter a few times, no damage, nothing spectacular, not even worth mentioning here. I made a few heads from my plasticine. A few rather dull ones and this one which was my first and caught my imagination the most.

GEDC5221 (1280x856).jpg

Tonight I took the broken servo off the helicopter.  I did this, not because the new one had arrived, but because I have ordered just the cogs for the servo.

GEDC5230 (1280x853).jpg

I got it apart, the teeth that have indeed stripped are on the largest cog, which travels the slowest and thus sees the largest torques.

GEDC5224 (1033x686).jpgGEDC5229 (1280x857).jpgGEDC5228 (1280x853).jpg

Those cogs are at most 5mm in diameter..

The past week….

So apart from the interesting helicopter news…. with Joel in Sudbury we visited Mt Ramsey, saw Jaws 3D and finally tried the Apollo restaurant (which was very nice). I will try and post some pictures of Mt Ramsey. Joel was the only one who carried a camera the whole walk- through snow and muddy bog type areas. It was worth the wet feet when we got to the top. Who knew Sudbury had a mountain?!

Jurassic Park 3D was brilliant and still managed to make me jump. Much better seeing it on the big screen – which Brendan had when it was first released in 1993 but I was only 6 so it was too old for me! We went to the 10 o’clock viewing which made me wonder which of us would fall asleep first but we all stayed awake – it must be the sign of a good film!

I only have two weeks left at work before the visit to Calgary and the UK! It seems time is flying past – I only hope it slows down once I land in England.

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Helicopter ski fixing

I started to mend the helicopter skis, both were broken. I was surprised to find that one leg is now broken in three (3) places!! I knew that it was broken at the lower end, but the upper end of the leg is part of the battery tray, as shown best in the 2nd and 3rd pictures below. They are all mended in these pictures.


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Visitor and crash

Joel visited the Sudbury office last week and the week before I was in Mississauga with Drew staying at the Golder apartment. So we’ve not been up to a great deal out of the ordinary.

I am still trying to fly helicopters as much as I can, I am learning about the programmable remote and settings etc, so I crashed the 120 heli yesterday, breaking a gear wheel that drives the tail rotor.

GEDC5203 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5205 (1280x855).jpgGEDC5209 (1280x856).jpg

This took a while to fix as I had to take apart much of the tail rotor assembly, having done this I found it hard to push the new gear onto the shaft, and in pushing, pushed the shaft through the gear which is mounted on the far end of the shaft, in the body of the helicopter. With no way to hold the shaft while pushing the new gear on I was forced to disassemble the bottom end of the main drive gear to reach the other end of the shaft. All in all it must have taken me three hours to replace this one part, most because of a lack of knowledge. Having replaced the part I was doing a routine check and discovered that I have stripped a servo gear, the servo works to a point then goes lose, no drive nothing. So I shall have to get another one, might get some more gears while I am at it!

Yesterday Hannah and had a relaxing day indoors, mainly anyways, I spent a couple of hours building a model Landrover given to me at Christmas, by Hannah’s Auntie Ann and Uncle Paul. I already have a similar one in the UK, so this time I thought I would get creative:

GEDC5210 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5211 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5212 (1280x853).jpg

Went flying the Genius today, it was a little windy, but still it was fun, crashed a number of times, no major damage, just broke the skis, where they normally break, where I have glued them before.. so am going to do that now.

Art and stuff

So I have bought yet another Helicopter, this time it is a 6 channel, fully collective pitch and 3D capable beast. It’s the next step in my quest. I have had to de-tune the controls to make it flyable, but it’s providing me with a steep learning curve.

GEDC5159 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5184 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5161 (853x1280).jpg

The new one is slightly larger the Genious FP and a lot more powerful. There is only one motor, the tail is driven by a shaft, which means that the speed of the tail rotor is kept relative to the main rotor. I am going to have to wait for some good weather to fly it outside.

Today we have had some very wet soggy snow, it’s floating around zero at the moment, -8 yesterday and meant to be 9 today, but I can’t see that happening.

Yesterday Hannah and I fancied a full English breakfast, so short of black pudding we made it for brunch. Also Hannah wanted to get creative, so we got artistic:

GEDC5179 (1280x853).jpgIMG_3326 (960x1280).jpg

Hannah’s creative art piece was made using crayons and a hair dryer, pretty cool!

Also Hannah got some lovely pictures of a sun set and one of Tigger;

IMG_3313 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3316 (1280x960).jpgGEDC5175 (1280x853).jpg