We went to Manitoulin last weekend, just for the fun of it, we saw bridal veil falls all frozen. We visited this time last year with Santi and Tibor, and I did a blog entry We stopped in at Moms Cafe/Bakery, not sure what it’s called. We were recommended it by a colleagues wife whilst we were at the curling on Saturday. We only found it by asking repeatedly of the locals, they kept directing us in the right direction, it wasn’t until we were right outside and we asked a couple of ladies showed us the place, They wondered with us how anyone would know, as there is no sign! Also, while looking for the place, we went into Food Land and picked up some apple cider, not the alcoholic kind though, the kind one drinks hot. it’s very nice! On our drive back out from Mindemoya (where Moms Cafe was) […]
It occurred to me today that we have not taken many mundane pictures of the winter, so I took some. The car covered in the snow is a neighbours, it’s been there for weeks now. Hannah broke the single icicle off the license plate, when I came out from work a lot of the ice on the car had melted and there are now about 5 or 6 icicles on the license plate, but it was to dark to get a picture. Those mounds of snow are just that. It’s flat ground under them in the summer. The smoke coming from the stack is just that, smoke, but I guess there is some steam in there also. The stuff coming from ground level is steam as it’s not there in the summer.  
This past week has not been particularly eventful, though the snow is back as is the cold. I even bought an extension lead to plug in the block heater for the first time since we have had it. Though we both plan on walking to work tomorrow, even though there is a forecast for a low of -30, which they claim will ‘feel like’ -42. Should be bitter. So working back through the weekend, I rebuilt my helicopter into a new chassis, which I don’t plan on breaking in a crash. I hope that this will give me some amount of fear of crashing and thus push me harder to be better. To rebuild I had to completely strip the helicopter from the old broken chassis. The pictures tell the story better than the words, though the screws are so small. It’s hard to conceive their actual size from the pictures, but I assure you, they’re tiny. That bearing is […]
The weather has been “warm” i..e it has climbed above zero centigrade, much to our disappointment. The snow has melted a lot, there was even grass visible on Troy and Katie’s garden, only where Troy had shoveled though, car parks and sidewalks are now full of puddles, It feels ‘English’ here. How ever that is rapidly on the change this evening, it is snowing now, and it’s settling well. I believe from the looks of the weather reports that it’s going to fall to a high of -6C by Tuesday night. We have not been up to very much in this past week, just working and living. I noticed that two of the tiny Aloe plants did not survive the trans-plant into the new pots. But the larger of the small 3 does appear to be doing well. Hannah got a kit for making moccasins, she has been busy making them.. Tigger amused us this week, which is not out […]
Hannah playing with Tigger, that toy came from Dollarama for $1.13 (Inc. tax)! He loves it. This is regular play time for Tigger, he likes to chase or catch something.
I have now fixed my helicopters’ ski using some transparent plastic that was part of some packaging from a present which one of us received from Christmas. I also built the Spite Fire which I was given for Christmas, it took longer than I expected, almost an hour and a half I think, It was great fun. I now plan on getting my wood glue from work and sticking a few of the parts in and on as some are a little lose. We got some good pictures of Tigger recently: On Saturday afternoon we set off from home with our snow shoes, a sledge/toboggan and headed North on Elm Street. We passed through Chelmsford and shortly before the next gas bar we spotted fire wood for sale. We bought $10 worth, loaded it into the sledge on the back seat off the car and then continued on our merry way. We arrived at […]
We have bought a new domain name, bhhh.co.uk is now registered to us. No reason, just fancied a change. Also, it can stand for our names and can also include Hannah’s maiden name and my grandfathers fathers family name and mothers maiden name. I felt it was a more relative to what the website is now all about, us! We have had a little more snow recently, but not much, maybe a couple of inches, we’re planing on making the most of this tomorrow.
I have now broken two parts of my new helicopter, I had a collision with the wall in our bed room which resulted in a “fall from height”. this split the cannopy, since then I might have had a few other crashes causing yet more damage to the cannopy. Then on Monday I had an incident, where the helicopter contacted the wall and floor at speed, I believe that this collision broke the skid leg. I read on a forum that I should be practicing landing accurately  so I made a heliport, Hannah kindly provided the colouring expertise to make the logo nice and black. I also added a coke can for somewhere to land when I eventually get good at landing on the H!!