Well this morning we discovered that it had snowed overnight! We were pretty excited, I drove to work, so dropped Hannah into work also we both cleared the car of snow, Hannah and I took pictures! We must have looked like a right pair of nitwits! I told everybody at work that I was thrilled with the snow, I understand that the general consensus amongst Canadians is that snow and winter is bad?! Strange bunch they are. Only Andre and Drew were looking forward to it. Hannah has had Fido representatives at the mall, they have been offering mall employees a deal on contract phones, so we decided that we were sending that much anyways, so we now have a Sony Xperia phone, which runs Android much to my delight. Still it will live with Hannah but at least now we have 1GB of data and unlimited everything else. I have installed Maps. I feel compelled to report that […]
I was flying the helicopter today, after picking it up again having had a harder than normal landing, I was having a general look over it for damage, checking the condition of the moving parts, when I spotted that the tail rotor wasn’t sitting quite parallel with the tail boom. Having turned the rotor a couple of times i noticed that it was only one blade that was off, then I spotted the crack. I replaced it and had a few more good flights.  
Today we drove about an hour and three quarters out of Sudbury to the west, the south towards Lake Huron and Manitoulin Island. We stopped a couple of time along the way, firstly for fuel, then for lunch. When we finally got to Fort La Cloche, we had driven down a rough gravel track for about 3km. We arrived at the derelict building and the water fall, there was a car there already, we wandered around the water fall,. then decided to drive on towards the lake. the beach was a surprise, we weren’t expecting to find somewhere that beautiful. I wanted badly to have my Land Rover there and go racing around on the sand.. probably would have gotten it stuck. At least the tide wouldn’t have come in and got me!! It was weird how the water level was so very close to the level of the dry sand.  
We went to Onapping Falls back on the 6th October, Hannah took some lovely pictures:
The saga of helicopter continues, having decided to not fly it inside anymore because of the risk of damaging possessions or plants, I flew outside for a number of days, then it rained a lot last week or was too windy. So today I set about tidying the flat while Hannah was at work, whilst tidying I wondered if I might get away with a quick hover around the bed room. So having tided and made sure that there were no aloe vera plants in the room, I had a fly, all was going well, I had about 4 or 5 good flights, controlled and intentional maneuvers etc. Then I ditched close to the window, I throttles in as it went down, but too late, the blades smashed into the lower part of the radiator, I heard a crack and saw a flash of something. I discovered that it had removed the last 10mm (3/8″) […]
Not at the same time, but Friday night Roy the Ozzy from next door came round with a bottle of wheat beer from the Muskokas. Apparently it doesn’t last very long, they make it and then it has to be drunk by November that year. It was very good, very fizzy but good. On Saturday we went and got ourselves some snow shoes. We still need the snow to try them out.  
I arrived home today to find that Hannah had been busying herself in the kitchen, she made us scallop potatoes, cabbage and chicken. It was so good that we both ate too much of it, but we wasted nothing at all! I would have gotten pictures but I was too busy eating to think about doing that. So you’re just going to have to imagine how good it was. My Mum used to made scallop potatoes, but I am sure that’s not what we used to call them. I don’t remember what we did call that meal. It tasted incredible similar to how I remember it. I was really impressed.
On the 27th September this year, I went out green laning with Alan, Dave and Ant. Ant rode shotgun in Dave’s 90’s and I traveled with Alan in the lap of virtual luxury in his Disco which had all it’s windows intact. We went north east of Fowey direction, we did various lanes out that way. Alan had his roof rack on to protect his roof, which had taken a beating on an earlier trip. We did some pretty awesome lanes, got turned back a couple of times, but the short grass of a manicured lawn didn’t stop us. We cleared a fallen limb of an ash tree, cleared it right up onto Alan’s roof rack. Strapped it down and continued on our merry way. We went into a forest where we shouldn’t have been, I directed Alan onto the better tracks, rather than the fun looking direct route, at the other of the fun route, […]
It’s SNOWING!!! For real! It’s 3deg outside and we actually have proper snow flakes, not like last week when they said it snowed but it wasn’t great big snow flakes. This time it’s real snow. Though it’s not settling, far too wet, we had 3″ of rain yesterday, which for Sudbury is a lot. There were flood warnings for people living in low lying areas. Now i thought Canada was low lying, obviously there are low places and lower places and then the Rockies.
So after Hannah had spent the whole afternoon baking, she carried on and made a lovely macaroni and coli-flower cheese dish, Everything was made from raw ingredients, No packets.. now the pictures do NOT do it justice. Then we dished up and tucked in before remembering to take a picture: