Bitten Brendan

This weekend was a quiet one, we went to the big yard sale in Sudbury downtown. Hannah got a beautiful watch clock.

Also we went and saw The Avengers which is a great film, proper good old fashioned Marvel comics style adventure..

I think when we left the cinema and were chatting outside with Troy, I was bitten, probably by a black fly… see my head now;

Funny eh? I was thinking of drawing a little face on it, maybe a little hair on top.. te he. Either way Hannah suggested we went to a pharmacy for some advice, they were very helpful and suggested Benadryl. Its just as antihistamine. Should be all gone in a week. just to put your minds at rest; it doesn’t hurt, not very itchy at all and i barely notice it. It’s kept me well amused all day!

Fire near Timmins

Remember when I said last weekend we’d tried to drive to Timmins? Well there is now 41 thousand hectares of burned/burning land up there.

41210 to be precise. Which is:
412 square kilometers;
151 square miles;

Now to put this into perspective and in English/British terms:

The Isle of Silly 16.03 km2 (6.189 sq mi), so they’d be gone;
Guernsey (30 sq mi; 78 sq km).. gone;
The isle of Jersey (45 sq mi; 116 sq km).. gone;
The Isle of Wight would also be gone.. The Isle of Wight measures 147 square miles..

Anyway, you now have an idea of the scale of this fire..

Youtube results for Timmins Fire

In particular a video from the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources)

You might also like to read this completely unrelated article.

We didn’t get up to very much today, it’s been cooler today, it was 28deg earlier this week and has been in the 20’s all week, today it was as low as 14!

Victoria Day long weekend

Well, we’ve not been up to very much this weekend, Hannah had to work Sunday as normal, but at least we get the Monday off as well. On Saturday we chilled and didn’t do too much, I went to the gym and did some shopping in preparation for the big celebrations of June. Sunday Hannah worked and I went to the gym and then to Wild at Heart where Bryan and I re-fitted the air ducting. Monday; Hannah and I tried to drive to Timmins, we drove as far as Crab Lake where we ate lunch and took three pictures, the ones of the lake, Hannah the car. We then drove on north towards Timmins, we got to Baywolf Camp where the road was blocked going north, so I went into the camp and asked why. I was told that there was a forest fire which is why the road was closed! So we turned around and drove home.

I have been modelling the round building, which I think is pretty cool. I have been and taken some pictures as you’ll see..

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One that has been bugging me for a while

Fuel inefficiencies of different modes of transport.

Lets assume that a person is makes work or business based travel from home to a place of work or travels for business reasons. On average this person travels alone to work as most people own more than one car, or they can rent a car for long distance travel.

I have picked at random small fairly average car:

Volkswagen Touran S 1.6 TDI BlueMotion Technology, 1598cc, 121 g/km CO2 (61mph or 3.86 L/100km)

Now this person only travels a relativity short distance to and from the place of work, some where between 5 and 100 miles. Over this distance it is the most efficient method based on time, effort and cost.

If this person should have to travel a long distance, say a few thousand miles, the same time, effort and cost will apply, as such the likely hood is that the person will choose to fly.

Long distance flights per passenger: 113 g/km CO2 or 114 g/km CO2

The above is based on the person flying a long haul flight, shorter flights are less efficient.

This person could drive from Sudbury, ON to Calgary AB, a distance of 2851km:

at 3.81L/100km the car will use 108.3 liters of fuel on the trip. 3.78 liters are equal to one US gallon and that is worth $1.33 thus 108.3 * 3.78 = $409.38 for that fuel.

A quick Google and I had a flight from Toronto to Calgary for $527. This actually is quite comparative as the person who flies does not have to purchase a car, insure the car and maintain it.

Now the person chooses to go on holiday on the QE2, this ship did 32.5knots and would burn one gallon of fuel every 49feet that it travells. Now the QE2 was able to hold 1750 poeple. So over one km it will burn 66.95 gallons of fuel or 253.09 liters. now divide this down per person and each person is accountable for 0.1446 liters of burned fuel per km. Now compare this to the car which was burning 0.0386 liters per km or one could say that the ship is burning 14.46 liters per 100km.

When considering the environmental implications it is hard to know where to stop, so we consider the airplanes vapor trails, and if so, do we also consider the road what we had to build to drive the car on.

In conclusion it probably best to stay local and walk, but don’t use the pavement and remember that the food you ate to fuel you for your journey probably came by air or sea..

Popsicle Stick test #3

Well I am no longer in Youtube’s good books, I have a big red X by my name and if I get one more they will ban me from using Youtube for life! This is because I uploaded that video of Bryan Adams.. apparently I need his permission to post that online, which I guess is fair enough.

More importantly Drew and I had our popsicle head frame tested again on Friday (May 11th) morning.

We achieved 826lbs this time, before the bottom of the legs gave way to the pressure. I think that the box section collapsed allowing the frame to buckle at which point it was over. Next time we will make the ends of the legs solid, and possibly fix them together better at the base. We learned a lot having seen both what other people did and also the test rig. If we compete next year I think we will be able to go a fair bit further. probably past 1000lbs bit a bit.

Watch the video on Youtube

And the rest of the pictrues

Bryan Adams at the Sudbury Arena

Monday night Hannah and I went and saw Bryan Adams at the Sudbury Arena. We were pretty excited, the arena was fairly packed, though there were still a few seats empty towards the back of the level seating, i.e. not the tiered seats or ‘bleachers’ as they might be refereed to here. He didn’t have a support act or anything so he was on stage from a little after 8 until almost 11. The music was louder, the lights where brighter, it was pretty cool, I really enjoyed. Hannah thought it was a little too loud and bright for her delicate ears and eyes respectively. But still we both enjoyed it, it was worth it just to have seen him perform Summer of 69 live.

The video was deleted by Youtube because it infringes on Bryan Adam’s copyright. Oops. The pictures are here, I expect that they also infringe.. but I’ll wait for Google to delete them!! lol.

One more tick on the list

This weekend we went out Friday night, we went karting then bowling, Kirstly won the bowling by a landslide. We also went to Rhythm and Cues for a game or three of pool and some beers. A great night was had. Saturday we went to Killarney Provincial Park, on the way down I think I spotted a beaver, but by the time we got back to that point it was long gone. We went to the light house and looked around the area a little. This time of year is when the shed flies are spawning or something, they only have a two week season, and we caught it. There will millions of the blighter’s, Hannah was not impressed, she spent the time hiding in my hoodie even though it was about 18deg. We had fish and chips from the van there, they were very good, I ordered more after I’d finished mine. We headed back to Sudbury at about 5pm.

About 15km out of the Killarney both Hannah and I spotted a small bear at the side of the road, it was in a ditch eating grass, we stopped did a turn in the road and drove back to it. The bear took no notice of us, we had windows wound down, talking, taking pictures, it bearly took any notice of us. We then went and did another turn in the road so that we were on the same side as the bear, only about 3m (9′ 7″) from the bear. Still it took no notice and kept eating and moving along the ditch, until it wondered over a bank and away into the bush. We continued our drive, now very excited and joking that we should see a moose next.

Another 20km passed without incident, then Kirsty exclaimed that she’s seen something in an open area of bush/samp/bog which could have been a moose, in a flash I’d checked my mirrors, executed an emergency stop, slammed the car in reverse, wheels spinning, smoking tires.. sorry that was my imagination running wild.. We just stopped and reversed back normally, as you’d expect of any careful driver. Sure enough there was female with a young moose!

Speechless at this stage..

We got out and crossed the road to get closer, the moose where probably 300m away (that’s a guess, a pure guess, they could have been anywhere from 150 to 400m probably!!). We had Hannah’s binoculars which she got from Bernardo’s (For which she was ridiculed no end for buying more tat for £2) with us, we were able to make them out quite clearly at the far side of the open patch. Unfortunately for us moose have big ears and I guess quickly realised we were there and got spooked, running up onto a rock towards cover. They eventually took their leave after about 5mins of posing on the rock exactly as Hannah had wanted to see them do so!

Video on Youtube taken by Kirsty

Pictures of Phil Kirsty and Hannah’s trip to Onaping falls.

Pictures of carting, the flies, bear and moose. And some of Kirsty’s pictures too.

Sun rise, Johnny Reid and a scoop tram

So we both woke up one morning at about 6am, I guess because it was very light, I went looked out of our window. There was such a beautiful sunrise.

Tuesday 1st May, about 8pm, Johnny Reid was at the Sudbury Arena and so were we! It was really good!

Kirsty and Phil arrived with us and we went up to Dynamic Earth (there was a scoop tram up there, I think because of the mining expo that was on in Garson) and took a look at the Big Nickel and a quick drive around Sudbury before Hannah finished work, then we went for dinner at The Laughing Budda.