It snowed again towards the end of last week, only a few inches, but it made the brown snow nice and white again. so at least the place looks nice again. Friday night we went out for a meal with Katie and Troy at East Side Marios, which was nice, we ate late though, got back to their at about 11. Stopped past Timmies on the way home to get doughnuts.. Saturday we did a few chores in the morning, Troy wanted to go skating on Ramsey, so Troy and I went down and skated from Science North to bell park and back, which about a 3km round trip!! pretty good for me to make it that far, I fell three times, once very minor, just had to put my hand down, then once because Troy was doing turns, so I tried a fast one and fell!! And lastly, and […]
Hi, Two bits of news in Hannah world… So this week I have had a number of interviews and finally yesterday got hired :D well now that is a relief at last. My second piece of news is that I guickly wrote up the story of Brendan and I and now we are published on Chic Bride – a Cornish wedding blog….take a look here That’s all folks!
I just found the pictures of us watching the super bowl, we bought some popcorn which had cashews in it, that was lovely, we also had melon, so there’s a few pictures of that. Today we went with Santi and Tibor (And his dog) down to Manitoulin Island. We went in Santi’s car, and Tibor went in his with his dog, apparently sometimes Tibors dog is not so friendly, though we have seen no evidence of this. We went to Bridal Veil Falls first, they weren’t completely frozen, there was still a little water coming over them. I climbed in behind the falls on the ice, the ice formations in there were pretty cool, as was the frozen falls them selves. We then drove on down to Providence bay, we went there with Jessica in the summer. the whole of the bay looked frozen, but I dont know how thick […]
We chilled for a weekend after Rebecca left, just felt like not doing much! This is no reflection on how hard Rebecca was to entertain or anything. No seriously, its not. Really. Seriously? YES! Well I am pleased we got past that one. So on to this weekend just gone, we were offered the chance through Golder to go to a bonspiel on Friday night, it was suggested that Santi, Tibor, Hannah and I should go, as none of us had ever done curling before. Then it was discovered that there were no places left, but at about 10am Friday morning a team dropped out, and we got in! Jake went as our captain, he had curled before. Picasa Pictures and YouTube Video Then on Saturday we went and got our skates sharpened, they were so blunt! I had no idea it would make so much difference. Skates are an […]