I installed my Christmas present Solid State Drive into my Eeepc. Thought I’d bore you all with the details! So we went to Home Depot and picked up a small screw driver, then I got myself a beer (Molson Canadian) and watched a video on YouTube, then I knuckled down and found the tutorial which would show me how to get the keyboard and touch pad off the Eeepc. Having watched it I proceeded to dismantle the laptop and drink my beer. I then installed my new SSD, and then installed Puppeee linux on it. Pictures NOTE FROM HANNAH: Thank you very much for all our Christmas gifts – we were truly spoilt. Whilst Brendan was busy with his PC I was admiring all my wonderful gifts :D Brendan: I then went onto find a script online which automatically alters the color balance of the image, the resizes the image […]
Christmas Eve I took a video of the snow blowing around, it had gone really fine and dry.. Youtube We are enjoying the snow! Its great, its been warm and cold over the last couple of days. We have mainly been chilling and relaxing, playing games and reading books etc. We saw the new Tintin film on Tuesday night, it was very good, we enjoyed it anyway. We have been walked a bit in the snow, went to Lake Ramsey, which is pretty frozen now, I walked out until about 2m into the lake.. It felt solid.. We took lots of pictures. Considering how much we missed you all we still managed to have a lovely Christmas.
It hasn’t stopped snowing now for6 hours or so, we had about 6 inches of snow on the car when we left to go and see the Living Nativity (http://www.allnationschurch.ca/). It was really cool to see the snow, it really feels like Christmas now. Hannah was very excited to clear the car of snow, I made snow balls, and she swept snow at me.. We had fun, the we drove out to Science North, where the car park was completely full, cars every where! We drove into and back out of the carpark, we were able to park 3 turnings up the road on the left. We walked back to the show, we got there and it had started, we watched from the hill (Here – Link to Google maps) and watched the show (Here). Were were stood with another 50 or so people. We then walked down and got […]
Well we have been cooking, baking and generally getting prepared for tomorrow. Also it started to snow this afternoon, this was the road outside at about 5pm. Here are some pictures of our day Have a very happy Christmas!
Well this week we have been pretty busy, I can’t remember what we did, but I assure you we have been busy. Tuesday night we went and saw the living nativity at Science North, we got there a little early so we walked over to the hospital where we bought a Tim Hortons hot chocolate. When we got back they were giving out free hot chocolates!! I got some pictures. The first photo is not just of Hannah, it is of Hannah with her new hand crafted scarf and broach! Wednesday night we went and saw the new Mission impossible movie and then tonight we have tided the flat. Hope you are all winding down nicely now in preparation for the holidays!
The Vicar of Dibley is on TV, according to the TV channel it is a ‘Brit-com’ and may contain mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. Hannah is giggling away!
Well this week we’ve not been up to very much, but we did build a house, only a ginger bread one though, not a real house obviousy. Then on Thursday we went to a Christmas do with the Wild at Heart people and on Friday we went with my work. Here are the pictures.
Wednesday night we went out and saw a White Christmas at the Silver City cinema, it was really good, we made pop corn here and took it with us, we salted it, they simply don’t do salted pop corn here. Well the snow has fallen now for a few days and the forecast is for more!! This is what Google says the weather is going to be. We later went for a walk down at Science North along the board walk to see how frozen the lake was and to trudge in the snow. These are all of the pictures.. https://picasaweb.google.com/hirondellehrb/December92011?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCN7wy9bU2LqyBw&feat=directlink On Saturday we drove down toward Parry Sound, which is in the path of the prevailing wind off Lake Huron and as such gets a lot of snow. We got a few pictures along the way. Sudbury looks bare in comparison. https://picasaweb.google.com/hirondellehrb/December102011?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCN2F0cXV3pyhTg&feat=directlink
Monday night was a special night, Hannah cooked Ckicken Parma, which was really good! It was excellent, I really enjoyed eating it, so tasty.. arrrgggghhhh.. Then we opened the 5th day of our advent calendars and later on had our Christmas lollipops.. After all of this fun I went on to model another three buildings in Sudbury for Google Earth, I modeled this buildings: LCBO #50 87 & 93 Durham Street BMO Bank I was busy!
The snow is melting now, its been warming up much to Hannah’s distaste. It has rained most of today (Sunday). Anyways, on Saturday we went and get a Christmas tree, lights and tinsel. We had a pizza from downstairs, they were very good! On Sunday we went with Santi to Science North.. I held a stick insect, then an African giant snail and lastly a milk snake, we watched an interesting film on Snolabs, (http://www.snolab.ca/) which is an underground scientific laboratory searching for black matter. Pretty cool stuff, happening right here under Sudbury! All of our photos from the weekend: https://picasaweb.google.com/hirondellehrb/December42011?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCLejpveBuN-pMA&feat=directlink