Last weekend Hannah and I spent both days at Wild at Heart. Hannah was originally there to help out with the yard sale but instead spent her time outside making the enclosures winter ready by nailing planks of wood to the outside of the cages. She also managed to pick up a few items very cheap; we got me a pair of ice skates for a mere $5. We also got a dressing table mirror and a lamp. I helped Brian and Ivan with the cages. Brian and I roofed two of the cages in two days, we put 1/2″ think sterling board flooring in 8′ x 4′ sheets on, then put the shingles onto that. Getting the shingles on straight and aligned is challenge. We also got some of the mesh up inside of one of the cage’s ceiling, using a compressed air stapler, which was capable of firing […]
So Hannah and I have various UK electrical items, which we have been running one at a time on a UK to Canadian 2 pin plug adapter, then when we returned to Canada we brought with us a UK 4 gang extension lead. Last night we went out and bought a very cheap 2 pin Canadian plug. I then did some research to discover which pin is live/hot and which is neutral, I read in two rather dodgy sources that the larger of the two pins is neutral and the smaller is live or hot. Not having any real tools here I used my Leatherman knife to undo the screws on the extension lead plug and take the wires out of the plug. I then realised that I needed to start with a clean cable so simply sliced the end of the cable right off with the knife, I then […]
Well, I’ve been back at work for the best part of a week, Hannah has been getting us back in order this past week. We’ve not been very active this week just gone. Taking a step back, we have see these in Pearson Airport before, but we got pictures this time: The weather is warmer and wetter than expected, but thats ok, my wife says that she likes the weather colder.. So this weekend we have been and seen what is left of the Fall colors (Autumn colours). We went to Onanping Falls, which is about 40min drive north. Apparently they were lovely a week ago, I think we missed the best of it.