Hannah and I spent the morning (9 till 12) at the wildlilfe place, Hannah fed a couple of small birds, a reven and also the racoons. I poured concrete, we managed to pour the three cage bases that we did last time I was there, also, because the concrete went so far, we made another base and poured that too! I am knackered now, harder than the gym any day! I am now sat in the laundret across the road waiting for our washing to be done. Hannah is doing some washing at our laundry room in the appartment building.
Brendan lost his ‘works’ laptop, mainly because its the spare one and someone else needed it more then he did to post on here!! They have returned it to him, so he has finally downloaded pictures from his camera. They date back to when Jessicsa was here all those weeks ago! They are: The last few are from when we went for a walk around the area.
This weekend we have mostly been.. Christmas shopping. I loved the Fast Show. www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-z5T8meC84&feature=player_detailpage Hannah and I spent this weekend trying to get lots of Christmas shopping done so that we can bringthe presents back when we come home in the coming weeks! This does not mean that you will get to open them any sooner, it’ll just start the agony of not touching, shaking, squeezing, etc the presents. Consider yourself told! Other than we haven’t been up to very much, I went into Science north to ask after drawings of the building so that I may model it for Google earth, I now have the name and number of the CEO. Hopefully that’ll come off. We’ve been sorting more wedding stuff. I think we are getting closer with each day, logically enough! This week we’re going to Wacky Wings, which is a new place in town. On Wednesday nights […]
Hannah and I have volunteered to help out at a wildlife place, they take in animals of all kinds and sizes, from mice to moose as they said. Hannah is helping out looking after the animals and I helped out building racoon cages. Brian had three frames made up for shuttering the concrete, now they’re at the stage where they can pour concrete. Hannah cleaned some of the racoon cages and also bottle fed some of the racoons. I saw a bald eagle and a coyote, also they had a number of racoons in a cage who watched us working. The animals there dont show any signs of fear, I dont think that animals here are as scared of humans as they are in the UK. The racoons are very curious, they come to the mesh and snif and look at you. Some animals are naturally very shy, but those […]
I am busy trying to model lots of Sudbury for Google earth since very little is modelled so far. So I am going to see how much I can do!