A week in Mississauga (Toronto)

Hi, It has been a little while since our last post.

This last week we have been down in Mississauga as Brendan’s manager has been trying to convince us to move down there. We were willing to give it a try but coming from Cornwall, we had doubts that we would enjoy living so close to the ‘big city’!

We drove down on Saturday and on the way stopped off at a place called French River. We had stopped there when we were last in Canada but it was very different without the snow! There is a visitor center there and then you can walk across the river which provides stunning views. On our way to the visit center we could hear a strange tinny noise. We looked around for the source of the noise but couldn’t see anything so continued walking. It was strange as the area was so peaceful apart from this strange noise. Anyway Hannah spotted a metal parking sign and perched on top was a woodpecker!!!! He would peck away at the sign and then stop and look around and then continue pecking!! A Canadian stopped and seeing that we weren’t local, apologised and said that Canadian birds aren’t normally that stupid!! He said it was embarrassing!

On Sunday we visited Niagara on the Lake and the Falls. It was a stunning day and again very different from our last visit in the snow!! We went out on the Maid of the Mist which was incredible and we got soaked!! But then as it was so hot we dried in minutes! We tried Canadian Sausage Rolls which do not compare to Rowes and we tried Frozen Yogurt which was awesome. We went up the Skylon Tower which was incredible – the views were amazing! We thought we would be gone by 10pm which is the time of the fireworks every Sunday night but surprisingly were still around. We think it is the best fireworks display we have ever seen!

We had dinner on Monday and Tuesday night at different work colleagues of Brendan’s which was really nice and then on Wednesday we discovered a Nando’s which Hannah was very excited about!!

Hannah’s laptop got a virus on Wednesday that was quite destructive which meant she couldn’t phone people from Skype on her birthday. No post and no internet :( Luckily the hotel had computers so she could check facebook for birthday msgs Thursday evening.

And then comes the most important day of the year (!) The 23rd June
We went to Tutti Frutti for breakfast which was lovely – Hannah had a waffle with banana and chocolate and Brendan had a chocolate crepe. We then drove to Toronto Zoo. We bought a CityPass which is good for 9 days and 5 tourist attractions. It saves you quite a bit of money and so we figured we would go into Toronto on Saturday and use it. At the zoo we saw baby toadlings, wild chipmunks, giraffes running, a wild raccoon, meerkats and a group of gorillas with a baby :D It was a brilliant day and the zoo doesn’t close til 7.30 – I think our car was one of only a handful left at the end of the day. We had thought we would go to a restaurant in the evening but we enjoyed the zoo so much we just grabbed a burger there about 6ish – which as we hadn’t eaten since breakfast tasted like the best burger ever lol.

On Friday evening we went to see Cars 2 3D which was good fun – even though we felt we should have taken a child with us as it was almost exclusively families!

On Saturday we planned the day to get the most out of our CityPass. We started at Casa Loma – Toronto’s ‘Castle’. It is basically a big old house but it is well worth the visit – it is beautiful inside and the guy who built it is an inspiration. We then moved on to the Royal Ontario Museum which again was well worth the visit. It is massive and we could have spent much longer there but we were on a schedule!! We got to see the main displays we had wanted – Brendan wanted to see the dinosaurs and Hannah wanted the gems and precious stones! The next stop was the Science Centre which we weren’t so impressed with but we did go to their CSI kids display which was funny. The final stop was the CN Tower but not before we stopped somewhere for tea and saw the Bollywood people who were in Toronto for the Bollywood Oscars.

We drove home on Sunday; stopping off at Ikea on the way.

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Seen a wild beaver!!

Monday night we ate out in The Laughing Buddha, which we were recommended. It was good, we ate outside on their deck. Very nice pizza. Tuesday night we went out and saw a film with Mike, in the Rainbow Center, it’s their $2 film night. We saw Limitless, which was good and a nice way to spend an evening. It was about 30deg C that day. Wednesday Mike insisted on doing a ‘Whopper night’, he went and got the stuff, burgers, salad and fruit for desert. It was really good!! We’ll probably do it again! Yves showed us pictures of Diavik mine site when he was working there, he had loads of pictures of moose and bears that he’d seen. Thursday night we went house hunting, looked at two places, both apartments, the first just off Regent street, off York street.. nice but nothing special, then the second place on Lorne Street was about a 1970’s, maybe 60’s don’t know.. but it was quirky, and fun, there is a communal room, off which is the room we liked..

Its about 2.1km up the road from work. A fraction further than 92 Hyland drive, which is about 1.9km.

Friday night we went out and played bowling and pool and had a beer or two. Sat we did a bit of shopping and got around a load of random shops that we’d not normally go into, like Lowe’s and Home Depot.. We bought a Baseball and glove and later that evening we went and played catch. Sunday we went to the Fairbank Provincial Park for a walk and a look around, we did the ‘hike’, it took us ages to find the site because we’d not look too hard where it was, but we found it in the end. We saw the Wood pecker that morning, then the loon on the way back from our hike, then a fox crossed the road in front of us maybe half and hour later on our drive back to the highway, then right before we reached the highway there was a water way and I just spotted something in the water, we had cars behind us so I turned at the next safe spot and raced back, and there it was, a beaver, swimming about diving etc, then it just moved off as we took pictures. Then we went to a park near Science North and played catch again and home.

That’s all for folks! (Been watching a bit of Bugs bunny and friends..)

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Two weeks past

Well last weekend (28th 29th May) we made it to Windy Lake where I saw some poison Ivy! I think I walked in it, but I haven’t yet come up in the rash so we hope that I’ve not been got! On Monday we met up with one of Hannah’s relatives who lives in Sudbury. We saw Brides Maids the film on Wednesday. This weekend (4th 5th June) we spent Saturday shopping for small bits and pieces and Sunday we did went to the Farmers Market, where we had some pastries and a fruit smoothy. We viewed a basement apartment on Saturday which was very small but also very cheap, we’ve sort of decided no on that one, unless we get stuck..

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