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Back when I built the new dash I resisted cutting this opening as it seemed nearly impossible to mark the position as I couldn’t get behind the dash without removing it, and I needed it in place to mark it. […]
We visited Powerstock Common today for the first time. This is the location:
For almost 3 years the clock has not worked in the Volvo. This was the blog post I did about replacing the alternator: That was a short post. Well, I bought another dash for £10 from a guy called […]
I thought after doing the Chetnole ford that perhaps I should try to stop water that is in the wheel arch area from entering the engine bay. Specifically the openings that are very close to the air intake. So I […]
Having gotten some water inside of my headlight the other day (Blog post I thought it best to get it out again. Removed the lamp and reflector assembly. Once emptied and cleaned the head light reflector bit got re-fitted. […]
I finished installing the new windscreen washer to the Land Rover. Nice clean bottle with lid, new pump and also a new length of hose that is not filled with mud.