Walked to the local shop

I (Brendan) went for a walk to our local shop, which is on Douglas Street, about 700m away. I took a few pictures along the way, its a typical suburban type place here in Sudbury, not the nicest/poshest, but also far from the worst. Also Hannah with her Tim Hortons coffee and our Easter chocolate!

We popped to Tim Hortons for a coffee, its a common thing to do in Canada, but most use the ‘drive thru’ and done go in..

We went to Walmart yesterday in search of Easter eggs, but they’d pretty much sold out. So we got these!!

Just leaving the house, looking back down the road.

Along the way..

Our local shop

Hannah and I made a lovely roast today, we wolfed most of it down, but there was soo much we’re going to fry the rest for tomorrow’s dinner.


  1. Great pictures and glad Hannah is in less pain. Very excited about my summer now,although not sure about the food! Xxx

  2. It looks fab!! So weird seeing pics of you both so far away. But at least you can still get Cadburys chocolate. Take care lots of Love XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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