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Vets and Motors

Tigger was very good at the vets, but he didn’t make any friends with the other animals there. A puppy came in, all excited, Tigger looked pretty unfriendly, ear flat on his head, eyes only slits and hissing like a pressure cooker about to explode. But with the vet he was very chilled, let him prod and poke him, check in his mouth etc.

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Helicopter news, I get my new motor, fitted it, only to discover that the gear didn’t mesh the same, upon closer inspection I found that the gear on the motor was pressed on the other way around to the one on the old motor, I let Litehwak know, they’re sending out a new motor to me.

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Pleased to hear Tigger passed his MOT
Hannah’s Granny had a Jack Russell and an older cat who would take so much of the dog being boisterous and playful and then quickly lash out with a delicate scratch to the nose. The problem was the dog thought that was an invitation for more games!
Has Brendan got a direct line to Litehawk? Maybe hoe could get a consultancy with them as a test pilot?

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