Various Updates

Well, I have some photos relating to previous posts.

A photo of us in various poses on top of Mt. Ramsey

Link to a very big version (19456 pixels wide) of the above image..

Link to the same size image as above..

This is a stone man that i reconstructed, but the wind blew it over as soon as we started to leave.. true story.


And tonight I did the other light thing for colleague at work, and this time I remembered to do before and after photos.

GEDC5285 (1280x852).jpgGEDC5290 (1280x856).jpg

And also, there was a challenge by one of Hannah’s friends to design a logo, I did loads of sketches on a piece of paper, which Tigger took a liking to:

IMG_3400 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3405 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3401 (1280x960).jpg

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