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Various bits and bobs

Last week I finally diagnosed and fixed the tinny noise that the land rover develop while in Wales, the exhaust had come lose at the joint with the manifold. The brass bolts that I’d used made life easy as they’ve not corroded as steel ones would have done.

Put some glass blocks in the wall between the utility and the hall way. Hannah’s idea which we’ve now put into practice.

20151010_143119.jpg 20151010_153247.jpg 20151010_154619.jpg

We have a whole load of mushrooms and toadstools coming up in our garden.

20151010_161842.jpg 20151010_161903.jpg 20151010_161952.jpg 20151010_161928.jpg

Today we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. We had Hannah’s family up for the day, Hannah cooked turkey with all the trimmings, she made three options for desert and even made butter tarts, that were brilliant. We went for a walk at South Hill Park;