Tigger returnes

This post contains events that might cause distress to some readers (They did to Hannah).

We let Tigger out into the big wide world, on Sunday evening, we opened one of the sash windows and he gingerly went out onto the window sill. Then onto the ground outside and with in a few minutes he’d disappeared into the trees. Tigger came back a few times during the following 20 minutes then we decided to bring him in so that we could go out. All had gone well.

Today; Tigger was going a little wild, so Hannah let him out this morning at about 9.15. He took off into the bushes. Hannah was once again concerned worried, but then at about 12noon he came back, Hannah spotted him, called his name and came running across the patio outside and jumped in through the open window!

We’re thrilled that our Canadian cat is finally getting out and about.


Also the last picture there is the clock tower in Maidenhead all lit up at night.