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Tigger and solder

I had a request to help a colleague make a 12V LED lamp work on his 6V motor cycle electrical system. I accepted with glee, and went about trying to deduce how it could be done mathematically. Its was wired like this:

When I got home I just found some batteries, wired them up and saw what worked and what didn’t, then just wired them up that way, used my soldering iron for the second time… Like this, the red is the live to feed the second parallel lights and the green to ground out the first two lights.

And it works well, for long it work well is yet to be seen, as I worry that the 2 LEDs and resistor are seeing too much voltage. the three LEDs are probably not seeing quite enough. Here are a couple of the pictures of the thing itself:

GEDC5237 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5235 (1280x852).jpg

I used wire pinched from some old Christmas tree lights, hence the green insulation. Recycling for you.

Also Tigger has taken to rolling about on the floor, and this time I managed to get a good picture of him:

GEDC5241 (853x1280).jpg

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