Land Rover SE England

Surrey Lanes

Today I went green laning in Surrey in celebration of my 34th year. I left home at about 9am and arrived back at about 4pm. No idea how many miles I covered.


 These are just the few lanes in Surrey that I did, I actually started out with a couple of lanes just to the east of Aldershot. The two lanes I tried were both not BOATS, so I gave up and carried on to Surrey.

20150906_122517.jpg 20150906_121150.jpg 20150906_111305.jpg 20150906_100709.jpg

 Then I came across a giant tree ring ready for the axe:


 And shortly afterwards a second World War bunker thingy:

20150906_120322.jpg 20150906_120251.jpg

 Then more lanes:

20150906_132214.jpg 20150906_132157.jpg 20150906_131836.jpg 20150906_130203.jpg

Then I was knackered and returned home, I painted my oldest softtop with Concrete Sealer paint:

20150906_163737.jpg 20150906_163306.jpg

 I made a smoothy using only a little yogurt and frozen black currents and raspberries. Very bitter, but good.