Stripped teeth

Last night we didn’t do too much, I flew my Genius helicopter a few times, no damage, nothing spectacular, not even worth mentioning here. I made a few heads from my plasticine. A few rather dull ones and this one which was my first and caught my imagination the most.

GEDC5221 (1280x856).jpg

Tonight I took the broken servo off the helicopter.  I did this, not because the new one had arrived, but because I have ordered just the cogs for the servo.

GEDC5230 (1280x853).jpg

I got it apart, the teeth that have indeed stripped are on the largest cog, which travels the slowest and thus sees the largest torques.

GEDC5224 (1033x686).jpgGEDC5229 (1280x857).jpgGEDC5228 (1280x853).jpg

Those cogs are at most 5mm in diameter..