St Stephens Basilica – Budapest

I just realised that I didn’t post an pictures of the inside and since I had put some many pictures in the previous I thought I’d make this one of it’s own. Perhaps check out what the places looks like in 3D:¬†¬†Google Earth would be better.. Check it out! Anyways, here are my pictures.

20161203_141010.jpg 20161203_141000.jpg 20161203_140930.jpg 20161203_140911.jpg 20161203_140754.jpg 20161203_140607.jpg 20161203_140427.jpg 20161203_140343.jpg 20161203_140141.jpg 20161203_135021.jpg 20161203_134917.jpg 20161203_125530.jpg 20161202_170048.jpg