Social week

Well, this week was interesting. We had two house guests this week – Mike and Neven (who we had met here on our first night in Sudbury)

On Tuesday we had a couple of Mormon missionaries around; Michael had invited them. They were very friendly;one of the guys came from a farming background and his family grow sugar beat. Fascinating! Mike made taco’s for us all and a fruit salad thing.

On Wednesday we decided we’d go and see a film. Neven gave me a lift home from work whilst Mike stayed at work late. We decided we’d go and get some food out, and as I understood it, Mike would be meeting us at the cinema after Neven, Hannah and I had eaten. We went and got a Wendy’s then Neven dropped us at Silver city (The big cinema). We bought tickets and Mike was no where to be seen, the film started and by half way through we’d still not seen Mike. So when it ended we decided we’d get a taxi home and when we got outside of the cinema a car flashed it head lights, and it started… a diesel.. probably the only one for hundred of miles.. it had to be Mike! it was.. Apparently Neven was worried when Mike had come home earlier minus us!!

Thursday Hannah and I had fish and chips in the Swiss Chalet, not as good as Harbour lights I didn’t think! We went shopping on Saturday, I was excited about having been paid in Canadian dollars for the first time!

Hannah was hoping to be discharged on Monday but not to be and she is back to the daily visits. She may also have a minor infection which hopefully she will get antibiotics for tomorrow.

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Hopefully if i comment people will follow……..nice purchases,and nice sunset. getting me more excited about my visit, you need to take a picture next time in tutti fruiti :-) xxx

I think I may have a photo on my phone of Tutti Frutti food – will get Brendan to work his magic and see if I can post it. I read two books on my Kobo last night – it is awesome xxx

Is there any way Brendan can block access to all medical sites, otherwise Hannah will soon post on this blog that she has brain pox.
The only thing missing from the photos of your purchases was a nice bag. Did they come in one?
And you are sure getting around – fish and chips in the Swiss Chalet – I thought that was somewhere in North London – or is that Swiss Cottage?
Lots & lots of love

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