Snow ploughing is awesome!

Tonight we went with Drew (One of my work colleagues) to his place out in the Valley on Old Highway 69. First Drew ploughed the front drive a bit, then we went and he let me plough the back yard.

It was awesome fun! I want a plough for the Versa now!! Then we moved some of the car around and finished ploughing the front part. That garage is fully heated, so went in there and took a look at the snow machines, Drew made a track round the back and on to the snow machine trail which is that track to the right of the garages, then I took his snow machine maybe half a mile down the trail and back, since I was dressed for work I was a little cold at 30mph so didn’t go any further. Then we went and got a pizza and dropped by Drew’s dad’s car lot and then home.

Hannah asked if I’d shave today, so I did. Growing a beard was amusing but I’m not particularly attached to it (anymore!! lol) Na I really wasn’t). So we took before and after pictures to so how many years I drop!!

Here are the pictures

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