Last weekend we hosted a family get together for fathers day and Hannah’s birthday. We had a lovely day, Martin brought his pressure washer up so that we could clean the patio slabs.


Hannah and I went into London for her birthday.

20150623_201850.jpg 20150623_201703.jpg 20150623_201533.jpg 20150623_175521.jpg 20150623_173746.jpg 20150623_142158.jpg 20150623_142153.jpg 20150623_140713.jpg

We went up The Shard, the tallest ‘building’ in the European Union, which really isn’t very tall at a mear 309.6 m (The CN tower’s observation deck is at 342 m, the tower goes on to be 553 m high and then there is the 828 m tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai), we went up the top floor, being the 72nd floor which is 244.3 m up. It was a pretty stunning view from up there.

20150623_152923.jpg 20150623_152813.jpg 20150623_152259.jpg 20150623_151610.jpg 20150623_150748.jpg 20150623_150406.jpg 20150623_150342.jpg 20150623_150222.jpg 20150623_150156.jpg 20150623_145648.jpg 20150623_145530.jpg