Santa Parade

This weekend we mainly did not much. Saturday I went to Wild at Heart and helped Ivan with the building of a cage for one of their permanent residents, a blind raccoon called Daisy. I noticed that Google have accepted all of my buildings that I modeled for Google earth, so I am once again keenly modelling buildings. I am going to get our apartment building finished and uploaded. Though I need some photos of the parts which are not visible from ground level..
Later on we went to see the Santa Parade in downtown Sudbury, we saw the Coca Cola lorry form the advert!! Not quite but it was close!! And they were handing out free cans of coke. I got some photos, they’re not great because of the lack of light and the fact that everything was moving!

So that was a lovely night, we had spiral cut potato for dinner, they have this device which cuts the potato into a thin spiral slice on a stick, which they then deep fry.. very tasty.

I have been looking at cool remote control stuff and found this:

I want one!