Road trip to Fort La Cloche

Today we drove about an hour and three quarters out of Sudbury to the west, the south towards Lake Huron and Manitoulin Island. We stopped a couple of time along the way, firstly for fuel, then for lunch. When we finally got to Fort La Cloche, we had driven down a rough gravel track for about 3km. We arrived at the¬†derelict¬†building and the water fall, there was a car there already, we wandered around the water fall,. then decided to drive on towards the lake. the beach was a surprise, we weren’t expecting to find somewhere that beautiful. I wanted badly to have my Land Rover there and go racing around on the sand.. probably would have gotten it stuck. At least the tide wouldn’t have come in and got me!! It was weird how the water level was so very close to the level of the dry sand.

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Who are those strangely deformed shadow-people? They must have been stood right behind you when you took the photos.

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