Land Rover SE England

Powerspark update

Powerspark received and tested my broken electronic ignition module, they suggested that it might have suffered from premature failure. They’ve put a new one in the post to me at no cost. Wonderful, they’ve been brilliant really. I would been a little miffed if they’d made me buy a new part given that it failed at less than a year old, but then again they can’t be 100% that it’s not something to do with my non standard setup. Who knows. Time will likely tell and I shall carry a spare set of points and condenser just in case!

Brand new set of points and condenser.

I have started the move of the Arduino to behind the dash. I ripped everything out of the old mounting box that I had it in and have mounted it onto an aluminium panel that fits around the steering column and will carry the new dash surround.

Mounted onto the aluminium back plate.

I have yet to mount the fuses. They will likely be to the right of the Arduino set up on the panel that is not made yet, so that they’re accessible.