No. 7 6 inch vice

Vice restoration in progress. I need to make two new jaws for it, clean it up and put back together. One machine screw that was in the jaw was broken off in the hole, so I’ve drilled it out to 8.5mm and will tap them all M10 I think. My wire brush is like me these days, going bald.

IMG_20170406_194428.jpg IMG_20170406_193629.jpg IMG_20170406_193528.jpg IMG_20170404_175014.jpg IMG_20170404_175004.jpg


Greenwich Observatory

We went to the planetarium in Greenwich the other weekend. We also walked under the Thames in a tunnel built over a hundred years ago. The planetarium talk was brilliant. Highly recommended.

IMG_20170318_141123.jpg IMG_20170318_140518.jpg IMG_20170318_120348.jpg IMG_20170318_120343.jpg IMG_20170318_120206.jpg IMG_20170318_120142.jpg IMG_20170318_120017.jpg IMG_20170318_105939.jpg IMG_20170318_105825.jpg

Stihl Bar

I picked up a Stihl chainsaw bar for Alan the other day, something of a beast. A double ended milling bar.

IMG_20170310_193336.jpg IMG_20170310_170029.jpg

More screws

I put a lot more screws into the shed today. There is now a screw every 10″ or so along the joins, where the walls meet and down into the floor. I also had some builders banding and fixed the roof down in the middle and ran screws both up into the beams of the roof and through the beams into the side panels. That shed will have to either burn down or rot away before it comes apart.

IMG_20170312_165238.jpg IMG_20170312_165230.jpg IMG_20170312_165223.jpg

Eynsham Hall

We visited and stayed at Eynsham Hall this weekend. It was most pleasant, we didn’t do a great deal, went swimming, chilled, relaxed, went into the local town in the afternoon then returned for a meal. We left having enjoyed the opulence of the room and surroundings.

IMG_20170312_102846.jpg IMG_20170312_102454.jpg IMG_20170312_095527.jpg IMG_20170311_181017.jpg IMG_20170311_142941.jpg

Shed building weekend

This weekend Joel and I put down  foundations and build my shed. Hannah helped buy and load the blocks and gravel. She did the heavy stuff as I stood by doing nothing. It got built in-between the rain showers and stops for tea.

IMG_20170227_064600.jpg IMG_20170226_170952.jpg IMG_20170226_141637.jpg IMG_20170226_135924.jpg IMG_20170226_124638.jpg IMG_20170226_110153.jpg IMG_20170225_143910.jpg IMG_20170225_123443.jpg IMG_20170225_123337.jpg IMG_20170225_110028.jpg

Shed Delivery

Today the shed was delivered. Because my back isn’t so great they off loaded it for me and stacked it neatly so that I can assemble at my leisure.  They even went to the trouble of stacking it in the order that I’ll want the panels. Pretty thoughtful professionals. The other pictures are Tigger trying to help me learn C# language to program my Arduous.

IMG_20170214_170140.jpg IMG_20170214_130828.jpg IMG_20170213_202514.jpg IMG_20170213_202055.jpg