Eynsham Hall

We visited and stayed at Eynsham Hall this weekend. It was most pleasant, we didn’t do a great deal, went swimming, chilled, relaxed, went into the local town in the afternoon then returned for a meal. We left having enjoyed the opulence of the room and surroundings.

IMG_20170312_102846.jpg IMG_20170312_102454.jpg IMG_20170312_095527.jpg IMG_20170311_181017.jpg IMG_20170311_142941.jpg

Shed building weekend

This weekend Joel and I put down  foundations and build my shed. Hannah helped buy and load the blocks and gravel. She did the heavy stuff as I stood by doing nothing. It got built in-between the rain showers and stops for tea.

IMG_20170227_064600.jpg IMG_20170226_170952.jpg IMG_20170226_141637.jpg IMG_20170226_135924.jpg IMG_20170226_124638.jpg IMG_20170226_110153.jpg IMG_20170225_143910.jpg IMG_20170225_123443.jpg IMG_20170225_123337.jpg IMG_20170225_110028.jpg

Shed Delivery

Today the shed was delivered. Because my back isn’t so great they off loaded it for me and stacked it neatly so that I can assemble at my leisure.  They even went to the trouble of stacking it in the order that I’ll want the panels. Pretty thoughtful professionals. The other pictures are Tigger trying to help me learn C# language to program my Arduous.

IMG_20170214_170140.jpg IMG_20170214_130828.jpg IMG_20170213_202514.jpg IMG_20170213_202055.jpg

Shed space

I finished digging the garden the other day. I have created a level space large enough for a shed. This is approximately 1/10th of the area of our garden is now going to be shed.


New tyres

I got two new tyres for the rear of the Volvo, also got it cleaned. This is a piece of glass pipe, a reducing fitting from 6″ to 4″ with the couplings for both ends.

But first off, the cat, he does this every once in while, no idea why. I can only imagine that he likes the feeling of the plastic stuff on his paws.

IMG_20170207_165704.jpg IMG_20170207_165653.jpg IMG_20170207_165645.jpg IMG_20170207_075850.jpg IMG_20170207_075845.jpg IMG_20170207_075138.jpg

Flying again

I took the Powerup FPV up to Caesars Fort again for a few flights again.

And this flight, I used the YouTube stabilisation thingy to make the video easier to watch, the camera is really attached firmly to the plane.

Rudyard Kipling

We visiting two National Trust properties today, firstly Rudyard Kipling’s  house called Batemans. Having found the cafe to be closed we left after an hour or so and continued on to Bodium Castle which is close by. We also very briefly visited a reservoir called Bewl Water and then ever so briefly visited Scotney Castle on the way home.

IMG_20170122_124128.jpg IMG_20170122_120108.jpg

 IMG_20170122_152410.jpg IMG_20170122_143212.jpg IMG_20170122_142811.jpg IMG_20170122_140947.jpg IMG_20170122_135509.jpg IMG_20170122_135252.jpg

More FPV Flights

The app was updated the other day, now I am flying the plane by using the Google carboard head set, I then look where I want the plane to fly and it goes, look up, up it goes, tilt right, it flies right etc.

While I was up there at Ceasers Fort, having crashed the plane after the second video, I was squatting changing the battery and getting read for the next flight, i stood up to find that a deer had come out of the woods behind me, walked reasonably close me and was walking away across the open ground. The photo makes it look miles away..

IMG_20170121_170902.jpg IMG_20170121_164925.jpg IMG_20170121_114742.jpg IMG_20170121_112708.jpg