Land Rover

Vinyl wrap

I wanted to do something fun with the dash which was just bare aluminium colour as I had not coated it anything. So I purchased a sheet of ‘Realtree’ (Cheap knock off there of) type vinyl wrap stuff.

The drivers side bit with the start button covered.. badly.
Another shot in different lighting, start button is less obvious.
The back/inside….

Land Rover SE England

Busting a padlock

I had snapped this padlock onto the rear loop for no reason. I do not have a key for it, so it was a pointless item. Today was the end of it. No good reason, just a little wanton destruction.

Land Rover SE England

Raised axle breathers

Rear axle breather comes up next to the driver seat.
Rear axle

I have done the front axle also, but didn’t get any pictures of that.

SE England

New Alternator

I have been suspecting that my alternator was on it’s way out for some time now. I’ve been seeing the charge light coming on a lot, my lovely wife got me a new alternator for Christmas. I also changed the oil while I was there.

Old alternator
New and Old, pretty similar
Not entirely identical, but it’ll work.
From underneath
From above
SE England

New years eve

Lighting up the garden with the chiminea
Ripping away

We spent the final half an hour or so of 2019 in the garden drinking and watching the chiminea burn. Happy new year!

Land Rover

Wash off


Super muddy engine bay
Probably need to stop that oil coming from the rocker cover.
I don’t think this photo really shows well just how muddy the sides of the vehicle were.

I’d been planning on going to the local Sainsbury’s to use their jet wash to remove the mud, but it seemed to be out of order. So I drove to the top of our garden, and used out hose to get the worst of the mud off. It made a right mess, I wish I’d taken a picture of the aftermath. After:

Cleaner, inside and out.

Land Rover

Broxhead common

I went to the TV4X4 event on Sunday, had great fun, got stuck twice, first time as shown at a 30ยบ angle when I went from driving on the ridges, so slipping off into one of the gullies. the second time I drove into what I imagined was a shallow puddle only to find that it was not shallow and I was unable to reverse out.

Stuck, got towed out eventually, but not without bending the angle behind the registration plate.
Having been stuck I was pulled out to this location. The bumped was completely submerged when I was stuck.
At the end, cleaned the glass and lights before hitting the road.

I found that the charge light was on constantly and that the engine was getting very hot on the way home. Turned out the fan belt had jumped off and was not turning the water pump or the alternator.

3D Printing Land Rover

Air duct adaptor

Today I printed out an updated design of the air duct adaptor that I have for the drivers side of the land rover.

Printing… see the edges of raft lifting though.
The lift didn’t affect the large part, but ruined the smaller part.
Re-printed this bit..
The parts held together by me. I need to buy some abs solvent glue.

The completed part needs fitting to the dash of the land rover somehow in a manner that allows for the removal of the lower dash but yet allows for the air to blow were it needs to.

Land Rover SE England

Silver Birch logs

I requested that the tree surgeons leave the decent sized logs for a fella who lives near by as he has a wood burner. So today we moved them to his place in the land rover, it was a good excuse for me to drive on the foot paths.

The pile of logs last night
The second load.. The dash is still as it was in the post about the wipers..

I got to drive down some footpaths:

My Note8 phone is ace for this kinda silliness… gif’s and all that is.
SE England

Silver birch gone

A tree that was over the back of the fence got condemned on Monday and today they came and cut it down.. That was my favourite of the three trees, first the middle one fell over and now this one is gone.