Only 6 days to Christmas

Couple of things to update you on:

  • The weather was cold and clear but there was snow on the ground.and a slight breeze in the air. The flight had been scheduled for early morning and the pilot, aware of the risks, decided to go ahead as planned anyway. ¬†Unfortunately tragedy struck when the helicopter was taken too close to the tree and the pilot was forced make a spit second decision. He decided to cut the power to keep damage to a minimum and deal with the plummet to earth. A harrowing few seconds followed and after the investigation and inspection had taken place it was only the skid and the pilots pride that was damaged. Fortunately as a risk assessment had been carried out previously there was already a spare set of skids in the helicopter parts repository.
  • Sunday evening domestic indoor flight; went ahead without incident.
  • Tuesday evening inter-carpark outside flight. Conditions sub-optimal (gentle breeze) Flight went ahead without incident.
  • Ordered a turkey from the¬†butchers¬†next door to Cara’s- shall try to fly it in.

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