North Bay and Cup and Saucer trail

Friday afternoon I took a few hours off work and Hannah and I went to North Bay for a trip, we had great fun and did a bit of shopping. Then today we went to Manitoulin Island and did a bit of the Cup and Saucer trail. It was cold out today, about -2 but ‘feels like -8’ according to the weather report

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2 replies on “North Bay and Cup and Saucer trail”

Love the photos. Thankyou for your email, it was good you both could get back for your anniversary. Best wishes, Dennis & Sylvia. x

Usual excellent photos. Dad was a bit unsure about the cliff – looks a bit high to him. We were not happy about the photo of you two with drinks from Timmys – very jealous.
And it is nearly as cold here – in our fridge.

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