North Bay and Cup and Saucer trail

Friday afternoon I took a few hours off work and Hannah and I went to North Bay for a trip, we had great fun and did a bit of shopping. Then today we went to Manitoulin Island and did a bit of the Cup and Saucer trail. It was cold out today, about -2 but ‘feels like -8’ according to the weather report

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2 Replies to “North Bay and Cup and Saucer trail”

  1. Love the photos. Thankyou for your email, it was good you both could get back for your anniversary. Best wishes, Dennis & Sylvia. x

  2. Usual excellent photos. Dad was a bit unsure about the cliff – looks a bit high to him. We were not happy about the photo of you two with drinks from Timmys – very jealous.
    And it is nearly as cold here – in our fridge.

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