New SSD in my Eeepc

I installed my Christmas present Solid State Drive into my Eeepc. Thought I’d bore you all with the details! So we went to Home Depot and picked up a small screw driver, then I got myself a beer (Molson Canadian) and watched a video on YouTube, then I knuckled down and found the tutorial which would show me how to get the keyboard and touch pad off the Eeepc. Having watched it I proceeded to dismantle the laptop and drink my beer. I then installed my new SSD, and then installed Puppeee linux on it.

NOTE FROM HANNAH: Thank you very much for all our Christmas gifts – we were truly spoilt. Whilst Brendan was busy with his PC I was admiring all my wonderful gifts :D

Brendan: I then went onto find a script online which automatically alters the color balance of the image, the resizes the image and lastly saves it under a new name in the same folder from whence the original came.

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Brendan – as your father-in-law I think it is beholden on me to give you some advice, as I have some concerns about your obsession with anything to do with puppy linux. I think you need to get out more! We will chat about it over a few beers in June.
Lots of love

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