New doors

After finding that door catches where not attached by as much metal as they should be. I thought I’d get myself some new door bottoms. I have skinned them, removed the aluminium skins, so that I can get the frames shot blasted and then galvanized.

20150717_185130.jpg 20150717_185157.jpg 20150717_185237.jpg 20150717_185245.jpg 20150717_185259.jpg 20150717_193852.jpg 20150717_193927.jpg 20150717_193934.jpg 20150717_193940.jpg 20150717_194001.jpg 20150717_194020.jpg 20150717_194138.jpg 20150717_195611.jpg 20150717_195626.jpg 20150717_200938.jpg 20150717_201209.jpg

 I might weld some of those joints whilst I’m at it.