Moved into our new appartment on Lorne St.

Hannah and I made the jump from the Golder house to our own place over the week from July 1st to the 10th. We started livng here from the night of the 11th, we have arranged to get cable TV, internet and a land line phone, but that isn’t being installed until July 26th. Joel arrived in Canada whilst we where in Mississauga the other week, so we’ve had him for company for a week, and also someone to help with moving furniture. We borrowed a Golder truck twice to get the move done. Jessica arrived here on the Wednesday night. We’ve been doing out best to keep her entertained!

Here are a few pictures from quite a few weeks ago from our phone..

We went to Katies parents camp on lake Nispissing.

And on sunday we went to French river then to North bay