I went to Mississauga this week to work from that office. On the way down I passed a tanker which had apparently rolled and lost it’s load of fuel on the highway! This had occurred in the North bound carriageway, so did not affect my journey. When I reach Toronto the collector (slip road) for the 401 (the east west high way) was completely stationary headed west, which is the way I wanted to go, so I took the east bound collector and then planned on taking a right (south) then another right (west) and just following that road hoping that it might be signed to Mississauga some how. I carried out my plan and after about 20 minutes of driving at night through Toronto suburbs I happened upon the 401! And to my delight I was bound west once again, free flowing traffic. Only a km down the road I spotted signs for Mississauga Road, which is the collector and road that I wanted! Couldn’t believe my luck! Only 5 hours Sudbury to Mississauga.

I had fun down there, managed a number of hour over time and met with Andres (now living and working in Calgary whom I used to work with at Penstraze) and also Jim Anderson  (Mr Anderson – like on the Matrix) who was the President of Paste Tec. Also went to the gym with Rishahb and Manuel.

On my way back I passed the location where the tanker had rolled, they were digging up all the soil in that location and tracking it away for cleaning! Quite a major operation going on.

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Glad to hear Brendan had a good time in that place we struggle to pronounce!
Very impressed with the detour and the fact that it was successful.

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