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We went to Manitoulin last weekend, just for the fun of it, we saw bridal veil falls all frozen. We visited this time last year with Santi and Tibor, and I did a blog entry

GEDC4885 (853x1280).jpgGEDC4886 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4888 (853x1280).jpgGEDC4890 (1280x853).jpgIMG_2715 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2718 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2720 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2725 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2727 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2729 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2730 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2731 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2732 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2733 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2735 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2717 (960x1280).jpg

We stopped in at Moms Cafe/Bakery, not sure what it’s called. We were recommended it by a colleagues wife whilst we were at the curling on Saturday. We only found it by asking repeatedly of the locals, they kept directing us in the right direction, it wasn’t until we were right outside and we asked a couple of ladies showed us the place, They wondered with us how anyone would know, as there is no sign! Also, while looking for the place, we went into Food Land and picked up some apple cider, not the alcoholic kind though, the kind one drinks hot. it’s very nice!

IMG_2736 (1280x960).jpgGEDC4892 (853x1280).jpg

On our drive back out from Mindemoya (where Moms Cafe was) we passed a lake, we stopped by for a walk on the water.

IMG_2737 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2743 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2744 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2745 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2746 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2750 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2755 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2757 (1280x960).jpg

We also saw the tractors that I think mentioned in the blog over a year ago:

IMG_2763 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2764 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2765 (1280x960).jpg


We had a fair bit of snow this week, this is Hannah’s walk to work:

IMG_2771 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2772 (1280x960).jpgIMG_2773 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2777 (1280x960).jpg


Also, over the past week or so we got some pictures of our crazy cat, who’s current favorite toy a length of string, approximately 6ft of it, we go from the living room to our bedroom as fast as we can, and he races after us, scrabbles on the floor with his claws fully extended for traction, Most amusing, and he seems to love the game! He also relaxes in positions which look less than relaxing.

GEDC4891 (853x1280).jpgIMG_2711 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2712 (960x1280).jpgIMG_2779 (1280x960).jpg

One reply on “Manitoulin”

We think it is known as ‘Mum’s Restaurant & Bakery’ – although we have never been there. We missed out on a trip to Manitoulin.
The photos just keep on whetting Mum’s appetite for our trip later this year.
They are an impressive set of photos.
Hannah must be a happy person this week with all that snow.
Tigger is turning into a bit of a poser whenever the camera is on him.
We enjoyed our chat with Hannah this week – it had been soooooooo long since we had spoken.

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