SE England

Lot of small things

Last weekend Hannah was at Hampton Court Flower show where I took this picture.


 During the week I went to Lyon in France to check out an item of plant that a client at work has purchased. It was 39degC, luckly we were only there for 24 hours or so.

I purchased a new battery isolator from good ol’ ebay, it turned up, I have yet to fit it.


 The plants are growing fast. Having talked with dad I think I will dig up the potatoes in late August.

20150708_174729.jpg 20150708_174718.jpg

 This evening I cleaned and checked over the old school rotary dial phone. We plugged it in, it works to receive calls, but because it probably uses loop disconnect dialing to send the signal to the exchange, it no longer works to dial out.

20150710_211023.jpg 20150710_191357.jpg 20150710_191044.jpg