Land Rover


I received my 3/4″ drive, 13/16″ AF socket today, so I spent the evening trying to get the top shackle bolts undone. On the drivers side I have removed the inner of the bush along with the bolt. The passenger side was more forth coming.

20151109_192931.jpg 20151109_195251.jpg 20151109_195445.jpg 20151109_195425.jpg

Then on the driver side I had gone with the shack-less option.

20151109_192922.jpg 20151109_195506.jpg

And here are a couple more images of the disk brake conversion. Today I have sent out for a couple of quotes for the part or at least a prototype of it.

ImageCompleteRubDisk03.jpg ImageCompleteRubDisk02.jpg ImageCompleteRubDisk01.jpg

This is my design so far, no finished or tested yet.


And this is the 3D PDF Adaptor01-Model-000