Laning Arborfeild

I fitted the hood sticks and put the soft top on. These are the aluminium brackets that I have made using rivnuts.

20151031_145005.jpg 20151031_145028.jpg

I went out laning today for a few hours:


20151031_154728.jpg 20151031_154739.jpg 20151031_163812.jpg 20151031_163820.jpg 20151031_165023.jpg 20151031_173353.jpg

I came across a ford, that has warning sign saying something like “Ford only passable in low water conditions”. Sure enough the water was about 0.7 m deep. I drove in until my foot well was very close to getting wet inside, at which point I reversed out. I didn’t fancy drowning the land rover at night.

20151031_171926.jpg 20151031_171933.jpg