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Ladybird and pixels

Last weekend was my birthday, Hannah and I visited the Hellfire Caves, where the Hellfire club used to meet back in the 1700’s. These pictures were taken from on top of the hill above the caves.

2014-09-06 15.21.23.jpg 2014-09-06 15.35.13.jpg 2014-09-06 15.38.21.jpg 2014-09-06 15.30.37-1.jpg 2014-09-06 15.29.01.jpg

 At work the other day a colleague was finding the particle distributions partly using excel and partly not..

2014-09-11 11.20.11.jpg

 Another day work at lunch time, Alan asked me about monitors, which got me thinking about pixel size, so I took a pictures of the excel logo in the task bar, then opened the image on the PC, you can just about make out the three red, green and blue pixels next to each other, and you can see the icon in the task bar that the photo is of.