Labor day long weekend

This weekend is a long one, it’s Labor Day weekend, plus both Hannah and I have Tuesday off work, so four days off!

We planning on traveling down to go on the 30000 island cruse this weekend, so since it leaves from Parry Sound we thought we would go and stay a night at a provincial park. I chose Killbear park as it is close. We arrived at the park at about 9pm, put up the tent using the car head lights. Then we made a fire, I drank beer and we chilled. Its was lovely!
The next morning we visited the Visitor center and went and had a swim in Lake Huron then off to Parry Sound to catch the cruse.
The cruse left at 1 and lasted about three hours, half an hour they announced that there were a couple of people from the visitor center at Killbear were on the boat with a Fox snake. So as you’ll see the pictures we both went and held it. The cruse was really pleasant, very picturesque.

Pictures for the above

Sunday, Hannah worked and I gym’d it up. After Hannah finished we went to Rib Fest, which we went to last year, but never had ribs. This year we did, we also had Butter Beer, corn on the cob and a deep fried Mars bar. We got one of everything and shared it all.

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Brilliant photos (must be a good camera) – Mum would have loved the snake – how could she have got off the boat!!?
Not sure about the butter beer. Dad had a deep fried Mars Bar once – once was enough!

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