Land Rover

Imber in 2016

We decided that we would go to Imber, the village that is inside of the live firing range on Salisbury Plain. The firing range is open to the public for a few days a year. A couple of days around Christmas then a number of days around new years. Then again it opens in August I believe. We were able to visit the Church, which is one of only a few remaining original buildings.

20160101_115649.jpg 20160101_142732.jpg GEDC6801.JPG GEDC6800.JPG GEDC6798.JPG GEDC6797.JPG GEDC6796.JPG GEDC6795.JPG GEDC6794.JPG GEDC6793.JPG GEDC6790.JPG GEDC6789.JPG GEDC6788.JPG GEDC6787.JPG GEDC6786.JPG GEDC6785.JPG

┬áHannah gave me some white tyre markers for Christmas. I plan on colouring in all of the large text on the sides of my tyres. This is for no good reason, but that I think it’ll be amusing.