Canada Cat

Helping out

Saturday past was spent at Bill and Tracy’s, (with people we didn’t know prior to this engagement,) winterizing their barn. We helped by putting up timber to fix an internal wall to their barn for insulation. Taking down parts of the wall’s in preparation for the false ceiling to go in. The work is all being carried out by friends and volunteers, as Bill is in a wheel chair after his service in the military. It was a stunning day in terms of the weather and good fun meeting many kind and caring people from a small community who had turned out to help. Working is not yet finished, I would happily have kept going back to help finish up if it where not an hour out and given that we were not in the throws of moving.

Rain drops kept falling on my head each time I went outside today. We almost went for a walk,we reached out “trail head”, the darkening skies and weather warning this morning caused us to abstain. Instead we wound up at Walmart where we finally found and bought a travel kennel for cat-a-puss of the right proportions and with all the necessary bells and whistles as required by whom ever it is that regulates these things.

We ate in the New Sudbruy Mall, where while standing in line-up for the KFC, we were discussing eating Putin, and how we find this meal to be heavy and stodgy and the virtues of anything else, to which I said “says he who’s about to eat deep fried chicken”. the lady in front of us laughed out! We were mused by this episode.

Upon bring the kennel into the flat, Tigger took one look at it, heard the noise of the metal bars on the plastic case and run for his life, hiding in the bottom of the wardrobe for a good few minutes. He’s since been and taken a dubious look inside, but he’s generally avoiding the kitchen when the case is. I was pretty impressed that he was able to presumably¬†recognise¬†the sound and put two and two together.