I have always had a fascination with Helicopters, never actually been in one, but I live in hope. I bought this helicopter with the plan of making the step to more channels and more control.

LiteHawk Aero
LiteHawk Aero

I have had a couple of coaxial helicopters, they just don’t fly like real ones, which is why I went after a single rotor, cyclic control helicopter with a proper tail rotor. It is more of a challenge to fly than anything I have had before.

  • 2 channel’s, throttle (up and down by throttle control) and tail rotor (left and right) assuming a single rotor not a coaxial. The helicopter is weighted such that it well always move forward.

Cyclic control is the change in rotation of the rotor blades, a single blade has it’s pitch changed dependent on it’s progression though its cycle or a single revolution. To achieve forward motion the pitch of the blades on the left side of the helicopter are increased, as the blade pitch increases, lift on the left of the helicopter tries to roll it over sideways, but due to the gyroscopic procession pronominal it actually creates an upward lift to the rear pitching the helicopter forward, this is assuming a clockwise blade rotation. Not all helicopters blades rotate the the same way.

  • 3 channel’s see the addition of forward and back ward control
  • 4 channel’s give the ability to move side to side in addition to turn left and right, up and down (by throttle control), forwards and backwards. This will allow for full movement, but not tricks…
  • 6 channel, the main difference here is the collective pitch, this allows for the rotor speed to vary whilst maintaining lift or visa versa. So the rotors can be at full speed, but flat and producing no lift. This gives the ability to make the so called 3D maneuvers.

GEDC4738 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4744 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4763 (1280x853).jpg


First proper toy helicopter, the Genius FP and our Samurai, the Genius being a four channel flybarless and the Samurai is a coaxial 3 channel.

GEDC4765 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4766 (853x1280).jpgGEDC4767 (1280x856).jpgGEDC4769 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4771 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4773 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4774 (1280x853).jpg


Started off learning to fly the Genius indoors as it was winter in Canada at the time and pretty cold out. Various crashes and fun with the Genius:

GEDC4782 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5043 (1280x852).jpgGEDC5120 (855x1280).jpgGEDC5122 (1280x855).jpgGEDC5123 (1280x856).jpgGEDC5129 (1280x856).jpgGEDC5135 (1280x856).jpg


This is my V120D02s, again a Walkera, but this time a full six channel capable of awesome 3D maneuvers of which I am not..







GEDC5159 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5161 (853x1280).jpgGEDC5184 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5214.jpgLegBreaks.jpgTopBreak.jpgGEDC5203 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5205 (1280x855).jpgGEDC5209 (1280x856).jpg


Various broken parts, all of which I fixed, repaired, bodged, but it always flew again. Next is a servo that I stripped on one of my many crashes, on the V120D02s.


GEDC5224 (1033x686).jpgGEDC5228 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5229 (1280x857).jpgGEDC5230 (1280x853).jpg


Went out to the Laurentian conservation area and had a little fly:



IMG_3441 (1280x960).jpgIMG_3443 (960x1280).jpg

GEDC5961 (1280x960).jpgGEDC5971 (1280x960).jpg


Major crash with the Genius, I used to repair the ski with rigid plastic, but I am using a more flexible plastic which appears to be holding up better to the beating.


GEDC6154 (1280x960).jpgGEDC6157 (1280x964).jpgGEDC6160 (1280x961).jpgGEDC6166 (1280x961).jpgGEDC6168 (961x1280).jpgGEDC6169 (961x1280).jpgGEDC6171 (1280x960).jpg


Crashed the V120D02s, hard, broke a blade grip.

GEDC6224 (1280x960).jpgGEDC6225 (960x1280).jpgGEDC6226 (960x1280).jpgGEDC6230 (1280x960).jpgGEDC6231 (959x1280).jpgGEDC6236 (1244x929).jpgGEDC6237 (1280x960).jpg


Another servo gear



GEDC6420 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6421 (853x1280).jpgGEDC6425 (853x1280).jpgGEDC6426 (914x614).jpgGEDC6431 (1280x917).jpgGEDC6432 (1280x856).jpgGEDC6434 (860x1280).jpgGEDC6439 (1280x856).jpgGEDC6445 (1280x856).jpgGEDC6446 (853x1280).jpg



Crashed indoors, touched the DVR with the tail, which caused the tail rotor to slip one the gears, so took it all apart to see what the matter was, turns out that the gear was slipping on the shaft, so I have super glued the gear to the shaft, which might be a horrible mistake, but that remains to be seen.




3 replies on “Helicopter”

Dad has been in a helicopter – many years ago. I am sure you will go in one eventually. Until then Brendan – live the dream with your model helicopter

Thanks for your blog! Any advice on a Litehawk Aero that always drifts to the left, regardless of the trim settings? Thanks for any ideas.

Hi Malou,

I actually no longer have Lite Hawk, from memory I altered the length of the linkage rod. The blade should be dead level when it is at rest. I found this hard to judge, then once I tried to fly it I’d discover that it still wasn’t right. But I got there in the end. Good luck.


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